Anne Frank

By Lauren Roemer

Vital Statistics

Born: June 12, 1929

Death: Sometime in 1945

Other: Anne went into hiding on July 6, 1942.

She received her famous diary earlier June 12, 1942.

Why Is She Important And Interesting?

Anne Frank is very important because her diaries tell us about life for the Jews during World War II. It tells us what it was like being in hiding, and just the reality of her and many other Jews lives. We also know what happened in concentration camps. She wrote about her friends and family in her journal, so when her father decided to sell her story the press could go and find the people she wrote about. After they did that they could find out what she was like, what they thought of her, and what life was like for them. They then new what happened to Anne and her sister from primary sources who knew them. Not just from rumors or people who didn't really know. She is interesting to read for the same reasons and she was an intriguing writer. She thought about words before she wrote them and really wanted them to be published.

Impacts made on the world

Anne Frank has changed many people's thoughts on the Nazi's. Everyone already didn't like them, but her diary's help people understand how they ruined peoples childhoods. They killed, made them hide, and be quiet all day. Now people can see what a kids point of view was. I think that is very important. They may see how an adult felt, but it is still better to hear all ages and their opinions. That had an effect on me. She had an amazing writing talent, but never really got to use it. She died to early in life. She also made an effect on people by telling them how her whole social life was affected. Her friends were gone and had no clue where she went, her boyfriend didn't know where she went, and she started writing to her journal as if it were her dearest friend. This probably had a major effect on people and makes them extremely thankful. The whole thing makes me thankful. I don't have to hide, live horribly, or suffer because of the way i look of my religion.


  • smart
  • exquisite writer
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  • loud
  • different
  • jewish

Obstacles in Life

The Holocaust definitely shaped her life. She went into hiding for years and then was taken away from there. Imagine sitting in your home and then suddenly police come in and say evacuate immediantly. You have five minutes to get your most prized possessions. Of course they didn't have very much to get, but that would be so scary: she hid for several months without being able to talk, she overcame going to concentration camp, and she overcame missing her friends. Although she got into many fights with her mother she just pored all of her emotions into her diary. She never really truly got to talk to her friends again. She must have missed them so much. They didn't even know she left. I don't know what I would do if any of this happened to me.


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