Indie Music

Indie Rock and Indie Pop

Band Of Skulls - I Know What I Am
Link to Royal Blood- Mini monsters

This band only use a drum kit and bass guitar; yet they sound amazing.

Band of skulls

Band Of Skulls - Asleep At The Wheel

Indie fashion

Indie Rock Fashion

Indie Rock fashion is mainly based around black skinny jeans, simple or band tees and a jacket. They don't usually wear bright or colourful outfits. They try to portray a rebellious nature by wearing all black. Indie music isn't mainstream so it conveys that they are rebelling against society.

Indie Pop fashion

Indie Pop fashion is also based about wearing what you want. It is quite similar to Indie Rock fashion but they don't wear as much black. They like to wear colourful or patterned clothes.

Indie Music History

Indie music is a mix of pop, jazz, rock, blues, and poetry. Indie is short for Independent. Indie music was created in the 1950-60’s but was very underground- meaning indie bands played in little venues and mainly in there garages. Indie music did not grow in popularity till the 80’s. Indie artists created music how they wanted. Therefore, they usually were not signed to a big producer and did not make a lot of money. Indie artists rather create their own music than make a lot of money. In fact they prefer to not be as popular as pop music and other genres. To this day Indie music is not as popular as the others music genres. However, a lot of well-known Indie bands started as small garage bands.