4C News

Friday, February 28th, 2020

Friday Folders

In Friday Folders, you'll find:

  • A book order form for the Author Visit in May
  • Junior Baseball & Softball registration
  • The American Heart Association Fundraiser


Mrs. Close's Class ~ Thank you for signing and returning the unit 5 assessments. The kids did very well! We have officially begun long division. Please be patient with the kids and me while I teach them the partial-quotients method. It's a very user friendly algorithm that facilitates a smooth transition to the traditional method. Next week we'll continue to work on dividing, in addition to converting US customary units of weight and measuring angles.

Mrs. Gleason's Class ~ We have a few more lessons in our geometry module. Next week the children will learn the types of triangles. Triangles can be named based on their angle measures and on the length of their sides. New vocabulary will be scalene, isosceles, and equilateral. We will also have a lesson on quadrilaterals. The final assessment for Module 4 is scheduled for March 5th or 6th.

Mr. Hart's Class ~ We have been continuing to work on our geometry module. After learning to use a protractor to measure and draw angles, we moved on to learning how to determine the measurement of an angle when given an angle. We talked about the terms complementary, supplementary and adjacent angles. Yesterday we learned about symmetry and how a line of symmetry divides an shape completely in half and there is no overlap. We also talked about a circle having an infinite number of lines of symmetry, as long as the line goes through the center of the circle. Today we will be exploring the different types of triangles and their attributes. My hope is that next week we will be able to review Module 4 and take the assessment.


Wouldn't you love to be part of this music class???

Collaboration is the Theme!

The NYS ELA is right around the corner! Kids will be testing on Thursday, March 26th and Friday, March 27th. Just like when the kids were 3rd graders, the assessment will be given online and the kids will use their chromebooks. We have actually been preparing for this since the first day of school. However, there are always some things that we have to do to prepare that aren't disguised!

Most kids are bringing home a passage with six multiple choice questions. They worked collaboratively to discuss the story and then answer the questions. They really appreciated the opportunity to talk things through with a peer.

I also introduced them to a long response question where they had to read two articles and then write about the similarity between them. Again, I thought it would be best to take this task in steps. First, they independently read each article, then they teamed up with a peer to discuss. After that, they jumped into google and wrote their response. Kids could even partner up for this part! Today, we took the final step. They went back in to be sure the response was block paragraphed with an introduction and conclusion. These long response type questions are to be written just the same as a PAWS. Going forward, I will conference with each student on Monday so they know all the good things they included in their answer and what we might need to focus on in the next practice opportunity.

The reality is that all the kids have the skills to be successful on this assessment. The other reality is that they are 9 and 10 years old and they forget. I am going to continue to allow them to collaborate to build confidence.


This week we worked on insulators and conductors! Next week we'll finish up with electromagnets.

Hess Trucks

I am so excited for next week! We are partnering up with Mrs. Coleates and Mrs. Lambert for a full class enrichment opportunity involving Hess Trucks! I actually have no idea what to expect as it's the first this has been offered. I'll be sure to update you next week along with photos!

Important Dates

March 2 - Dr. Seuss' Birthday - Wear something Seuss related or dress up!

March 3 - National I Want You To Be Happy Day - Wear a kindness related shirt!

March 13 - Superintendent's Conference Day - NO SCHOOL

March 26th & 27th - NYS ELA - 9am start