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Educator Spotlight!!

Congratulations to Mrs. Michelle Beyette, World Cultures teacher at Powell 6th Grade Center! You are in the Educator Spotlight!

Mrs. Beyette has been a Lobo for 8 years and a Social Studies teacher for 17! She has taught all the middle school history courses and loves to share her passion for Social Studies with her students.

We need teachers like you Mrs. Beyette! Thank you for all you do, every day, for every student!

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District Quarterly Checkpoints: Vital Information

One summative assessments per quarter (grading period) will be provided to you by Curriculum & Learning Services for each Social Studies course beginning in Grade 3 and continuing through Grade 12. Typically they will be available in the first week of the grading period in DRAFT form so teachers can provide feedback. Cadre meetings will provide teachers the opportunity to give feedback before the final Checkpoints are published.

Quarterly District Checkpoints will assess student mastery of the power standards and other related standards for the Quarter and may contain content from multiple units of study depending on the scope and sequence for your course. This data will be used to track student progress towards mastery of grade appropriate standards.

Secondary: It is acceptable to create 3 of your own summative assessments as a team and use the District Checkpoint as a way for students to replace their lowest test score for the grading period.

District Quarterly Checkpoint Windows for Social Studies





All grade level Social Studies teachers should administer District Checkpoints within 2-3 days of each other.

Teacher teams will decide on a two-three day window within the Checkpoint windows listed above at Cadre meetings and this information will be communicated accordingly.

How to Create Quality Summative Assessments

In order to meet district grading guidelines summative assessments must be cumulative in nature and allow students to demonstrate mastery of the standards included.

Any summative that is subjective (writing assignments, presentations, portfolios, projects) MUST have a rubric. Rubrics should have 3-4 categories (1-Below Expectations, 2-Developing or Approaching Expectations, 3- Meeting Expectations, 4-Exceeding Expectations). The preferred method is 1- Below, 2- Approaching, 3- Meeting.

If you need help creating rubrics please ask a Content Coordinator! We will gladly look over any rubrics and provide warm (positive) and cool (areas of needed growth) feedback in a timely manner.

PL: How to Write Objectives & Learning Targets

Just in Time Professional Learning on Objectives and Learning Targets approved by the Superintendent!

2015-2016 Social Studies Curriculum Documents

Bookmark this link for easy access to YAGs, Blueprints, Unit Overviews, District Checkpoints, and Social Studies Resources

Grades 06-08 Cadre Meeting

Monday, Sep. 21st, 4:15-5:30pm

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Grades 9-12 Cadre Meeting

Monday, Sep. 28th, 4:45-6pm

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Communication Regarding Materials for K-5

Pictures of K-5 Nystrom Kits with Checklists and Survey to Request Additional Materials

Thank you for everything you do!