The Boy Who Cried Wolf


The Boy Who Cried Wolf as a folk tale

The Boy Who Cried Wolf exemplifies a folk tale for many reasons. It has a stereotypical character because the young boy is mischeivous as one would expect. It teaches a lesson to the reader because the boy learns not to lie.

The Boy Who Cried Wolf

A short summary of The Boy Who Cried Wolf: There is a young shepard who leads a herd of sheep. One day he cries that there is a wolf about to attack his sheep. When the townspeople come, they find that there is no wolf and they find the boy laughing at them. The boy repeats this act multiple times until one day there actually is a wolf. He tries to tell teh townspeople but since he played tricks on them, they do not beleive him and all his sheep get eaten.

Facts about The Boy Who Cried Wolf

The Boy Who Cried Wolf has been passed down for many years and there have been many versions of the story. Studies show that reading the story is shown to increase a childs likelihood of lying. The story's moral is that even if liars tell teh truth, no one beleives them.