NBPS Technology Newsletter

September is the month to say Welcome Back!

Staff Corner Website

Welcome Back! We have updated Our Staff Corner website with new curricular information focusing on pacing guides to support planning for the upcoming school year. We also have a new layout for our Technology Resource page, that provides a menu of options with different subscriptions that we have access to in our district and recommend to be utilized during instruction. When you click on the icons, you will get information pertaining to that particular technology subscription or tool. This can include newsletters, videos, documents, presentations, etc.

Also, each month you will receive a newsletter just like this one, highlighting new updates, subscription information, and student/teacher artifacts. Good luck everyone on the new school year!

Google Meet Updates!

Read the directions below as well as watch the video attached, to learn how to utilize the new Co-Host feature in Google Meets.

Turn Host Management on or off

  1. In a meeting, tap the screen Menu Meeting safety.
  2. Switch on Host Management.

Add or remove a co-host

  1. In a meeting, tap the screen.
  2. At the top left, tap the meeting name.
  3. From the “People” tab, find or search the participant’s name.
  4. Next to their name, look for the three vertical dots, tap Menu Add as co-host.

Important Things To Remember From Google:

  • For a meeting participant to become a co-host, they must be in the meeting.
  • Co-hosts can turn Host Management off. Only the main host can re-enable Host Management for all other hosts.
  • Participants can't be appointed or removed as co-hosts from Breakout Rooms. Participants must return to the main room to be granted hosting privileges.
  • Only the main host receives meeting info, like attendance reports or polling details, but can share meeting info with other co-hosts.
  • Host Management settings are saved for any recurring meetings or meetings that re-use the same meeting code. Appointed co-hosts will need to be re-appointed for any recurring meetings.
Adding Co-Host Google Meet Feature

PDF Reader OribitDoc from Read & write

Please, watch the video attached on the updated version of the PDF Reader now called OrbitDoc from our district subscription with Read & Write.

With the PDF Reader you can:

  • can share PDF's with Google Classrooms right from the document.
  • annotate any PDF by adding text, freehand drawing, shapes
  • highlight any pdf and collect highlights in a separate document
  • highlight and create vocabulary lists
  • leave comments and feedback, in which students can reply
  • use text to speech and the screenshot reader to hear the PDF being read to you
  • use speech to text to annotate or to leave comments
  • can now use the equatiO toolbar along with the PDF Reader
OrbitDoc (PDF Reader)
PDF Reader: Utilizing Read & Write

Communication through Talking Points!

Talking Points is a great communication tool that is utilized to send messages directly to families, along with translation support. It is easy to use for both staff and families who will be asked to utilize this application throughout the school year. I challenge you to use Talking Points, so you to can see how easy and effective this tool is for sharing messages with families.
TalkingPoints for Teachers Training SY21-22

Paint On Your Screen using Web Paint!

Try the Web Paint Google Extension that allows you to draw, add text, shapes, and even add color to a website, to help grasp your student's attention. It is a great way to enhance instruction when you are presenting using a Google Meet and can help you engage students by blocking out information or ads that can be somewhat distracting.
Web Paint Extension
Click Here To Add The Extension Called Web Paint

Watch the video below to get trained on how to use it.

Click On The Icons To Get A Sneak Peak Into Some of our Subscriptions....

IT Tickets

Please, make sure to share your technology-related issues by creating IT Ticket. Click the button below to start the process. You can also click the presentation below for a step-by-step guide on how to log in.

This year if you would like to highlight a staff member...

Please email Carla Segarra at carla_segarra@nbpsnj.net, to be considered for our district-wide newsletters. This is a great way to recognize our staff for all the amazing work they do.