Lowell Weekly Parent Newsletter

January 3, 2021

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Message from Mrs. Phelan

Happy New Year!

Starting a new year is always filled with hopes, dreams, and expectations. As I look back at the beginning of last year, I don't think I could have imagined all the twists and turns 2020 was going to take. The pandemic still looms heavy on us even though we know the end is just a matter of months away. As I listened to an interview this past week, a psychologist noted the potential effects that will impact future generations based on the collective experiences of the COVID pandemic. Looking back at previous times profoundly affected by their experiences, you can see how the American experience is altered. The Great Depression had just that type of influence on culture. The tales of scarcity were echoed by my grandparents and parents alike. I was told to appreciate the delicacies of fresh produce and dairy and to make sure you finish everything on your plate. Maybe that's where the obsession with collecting items and accumulating material possessions came to be a way of life. I wonder how this time will shape our children and us? Our tales will not only be of social isolation, but maybe of hearing our children tell their children to go outside, travel, connect with people, and see the world because it can all be gone in a moment. It seems strange to think a high-five or pat on the back can have such profound importance.

During this time, we've learned a lot about ourselves and our neighbors. This time away from others has given us time to reflect and examine our world and the way we treat others. It helped us to expand our minds and hearts and to see the perfection of our imperfect humanity. This year has definitely exposed the realities of our social and economic inequalities. As this year begins, we need to stay focused on addressing systemic racism and its deep influence on education and equal opportunity. As we begin 2021, we as a school system and community will focus our professional development and common planning time on expanding our competence and confidence to teach as an antiracist educator. We will expand our curriculum to be inclusive and commit to offering windows and mirrors to our students to see themselves in the past, present, and future. We must commit to holding ourselves and each other accountable in this endeavor. I look forward to our work and the year ahead. We deep gratitude and affection, Happy New Year!


Welcome Back! Remote Learning January 4th - 6th, in person learning resumes on Thursday, January 7th!

Message from Dr. Galdston

From the Superintendent:

We will be offering free COVID testing for all students Monday, January 4, and Tuesday, January 5 at Watertown High School, using the schedule below. If you have already signed up your child for testing, show up at the times listed below. If not, please visit this link to fill out the consent form for testing. It is vitally important for as many families as possible to sign up for ongoing testing, especially as we head into the winter months. Please do your part to keep our students and staff safe by signing up for testing. It’s quite easy and isn’t the long nasal swab, but rather the anterior short nasal swab.

Elementary School + WMS


A-D 12-1

E-G 1-2

H-K 2-3

L-Q 3-4

R-Z 4-5

Tuesday- COHORT B

A-D 12-1

E-G 1-2

H-K 2-3

L-Q 3-4

R-Z 4-5



A-B 12-1pm

C-D 1-2 pm

E-F 2-3 pm

G-H 3-4 pm

I-Ke 4-5 pm


Kh-L 12-1pm

M-O 1-2 pm

P-R 2-3 pm

S-U 3-4 pm

V-Z 4-5 pm

*Families with children at the high school level and the middle school or elementary school levels can bring all children in at the same time.


Last week at the Lowell

Upcoming Events

Watertown Unity Breakfast

Monday, Jan. 18th, 10am

This is an online event.

More information

Please join our community for a virtual version of this important Watertown tradition honoring Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., and our commitment to racial, economic, and social justice.

Note: you can also watch UB21 on your TV -- channels 9 (Comcast) and 3 (RCN).

Please follow the link to the flyer for the 2021 Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Day Unity Breakfast.

Voluntary Student COVID Testing

There will be no pool testing for students this week! Testing will Resume in January!

Technology Updates

We look forward to supporting you with your educational technology questions.

Here is a link to our WPS CS-Ed Week 2020 Website which hosts creative, academic computational thinking and problem-solving curriculum for all grade levels. Visit the site to participate in the "Creating with Computer Science" Student Contest or to download your WPS CS Ed Week Student Certificate for this year.

Here is a link to our WPS Family Ed-Tech for ALL Website for updated resources.

Here is a link to the weekly 12/05 Family Ed-Tech for All Newsletter, LIVE Ed-Tech Support Sessions, Resources, Tutorials & tips that are curated and created, just for you. Do you need help with Ed-Tech? Please complete the WPS Ed-Tech Support Request Form. A member of the WPS Ed-Tech team will reach out to you within 1 school day.

Thank you and have a terrific day,

Rashmi Pimprikar (District Ed-Tech Coordinator), Digital Learning Team and IT Team

Parent Resources

Watertown Free Tutors

Our service provides free tutoring to Watertown Public School elementary students by Watertown High School Students. In exchange for their time volunteered, WHS students will receive community service hours. All tutoring sessions will be held over Zoom.