"Opportunity" Awaits

Slogan: Be the Best You Can Be

A Brief Note

My wish for all would be a peaceful place where life could go on without struggles and toils. A place where all would be welcome and loved and no one would be left out. I, the creator of Opportunity, believe that everyone should be able to go as far as you can in your learning and skill

Everyone Is Welcome

In Opportunity, everyone is welcome, no matter how tall or small, how broken or perfect. This utopia was created for the purpose of making a peaceful place where all could come to be the best they could be. This is a place where all can be free of oppression and persecution and being held back. When you come, you become part of a family, a huge one, mind you, but a family none the less where you will be loved for who you are and what you are capable of doing. Within this world you will be able to live in freedom, hope, and without worry like Fahrenheit 451, but also be able to pursue anything you would like, besides causing trouble, of course. We wish you would come and have a blast with us, for contentment awaits all.

A Potential Disclaimer

Much time, research and effort has been put into the thought of this new world and any potential problems that could arise. If you join us, there will be a little work required, but it is the type of work that is for your own good, like making up your bed or putting clean dishes up. It has been proven that if you do a little work for yourself and a little for others, you will be happier and healthier and even live longer. Who doesn't want to live a long and prosperous life? This society does rely on behavior, and whatever damage is done to it will hurt the entire community, so cooperation is preferable. For example, if someone was to destroy a portion of the crops for the season, everyone could have the potential to go on rations due to that person's decisions, but starvation is not a problem in this world. If someone were to cause problems they would be punished appropriately and given a task to complete to lend a hand with the repairs. Also, you do not have to like and be friends with everyone because our beings don't function that way, so friendship with everyone is not an issue. If however unlikely it is for someone to leave Opportunity, they would be allowed to go freely and easily taken back into the community, because no one is shunned and everyone appreciated. For those who might not like this system, it is completely understood, not everyone likes following a rule all the time, but the only rule is to behave and respect those around you. If you feel incapable of this, no one is forcing you to come, this is completely by choice that you come and join the family.

Fahrenheit 451

You all know the classic story of Fahrenheit 451, which is sadly what our world has just about come to. In this tale, people are ignorant and lack the key aspects that separate us from the average animal. Information is restricted and most things are outlawed, like the simple pleasure of reading books and taking a stroll along the street. The average person knows only how to function in their jobs and sit in front of a television. In Opportunity, all are encouraged to reach for the stars and go as far as they can. No one is going to stop you from learning or arrest you for stopping to smell the roses. No secret government work will be going on and truth is one of our key virtues. Uniqueness is cherished and individuality is what defines each of us, whereas everyone was the same.