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So, what is it?

The Pluperfect tense is the 'distant past', saying the subject has done something.

So, how is the Pluperfect tense formed?

The Pluperfect tense is formed like this:

portav eram - I had carried

portav eras - you had carried (sing.)

portav erat - he had carried

portav eramus - we had carried

portav eratis - you had carried (pl.)

portav erant - they had carried

I'm still a bit confused, can you give me some examples?


festinaveratis - you had hurried

necaverat - he had killed

invitaveram - i had invited

habitaverant - they had lived

clamaveras - you had shouted

What are some sentances using this?

Rufilla ancillas, quae cubiculum paraverant, laudavit.

Rufilla praised the slave girls, who had prepared her bedroom.

Salvius me punivit, quod e villa fugeram.

Salvius punished me because I had fled from the house.

Sacerdotes, qui ad aram processerant, victimas sacrificaverunt.

The preist, who had advanced to the altar, sacrificed the victims.


Time to test how much you've learned with a quiz!


Have a go at matching the words to the tenses!

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