Never Guess Who Snooki Partied

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Bootsy Bellows

  • The foursome – there with a few other pals – arrived around 11:50 p.m. and went to the club's VIP room before hitting the dance floor – hard. The group busted moves to songs like James Brown's "Get Up (I Feel Like Being a) Sex Machine" and Jackson 5's "I Want You Back" while sipping vodka cocktails (Richards abstained from alcohol).

  • Once Cortese spotted club owner David Arquette, she told him, "You need to take a picture with the two meatballs. You're the sausage!" So the actor obliged, posing for a shot with Cortese and Polizzi, later seeking them out to entertain them with his Keith Richards marionette


Friday, June 7th 2013 at 11pm to Saturday, June 8th 2013 at 10:15pm

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We were there for Christmas Eve 2013. The moment we got there, Mr. Sayid the manager or who ever he is, asked one of our friends who called and reserved the table for that night for us, he asked her in a very rude way "ok Mrs. ....... why u didn't answer ur phone when I called to confirm ur table." We all got surprised and very upset the way he was talking. Our friend told him I didn't get any call from u, but he keep asking the same way even worse, that I called u and u didn't respond my call. Any ways he showed us where our table was. All night long, he was very very angry and he really looked scary. He keep going to every tables and looking to people like everybody owe money to him. The food was horrible. I ordered persian food "baghali polo with fish" the rice and the baghali wasn't cooked at all. Fish had no taste. I ordered half rice with half salad, they put my food in the same plate with salad!!!!!!!!! it lookis soooo discusting. The salad shiraze taste very old, looks like the tomatoes were spoiled. And even after dinner, when we asked for our desert, which over the phone they told us, the price include desert too, then we found out desert it means only tea and that's it. The rest u have to order and pay. Over all the food and service was 0, we r lucky the Black Cats group was there, they did a great job. But the dancing floor is very very small so we end up dancing next to our table. Never going back there again, and I suggest Mr. Sayed take some classes to learn how to greet his customers and be nice with them. Don't waste ur money there.


  • Partying for money is nice work if you can get it, and somehow Lindsay Lohan still can.
  • As her promo tour winds down in Brazil, LiLo's clearly coping better than she was a few days ago when she was photographed apparently crying under a nightclub table.
  • Sources from E! Brazil tell E! News that the legally challenged star seemed in good spirits and relaxed at a John John Denim bash at São Paulo's Café de lá Musique nighclub Saturday night.

  • Going braless in T-shirt and miniskirt ensemble and Louboutin heels, Lindsay was friendly with everyone from the club as she made the rounds with a friend and a honcho from the clothing label.
  • Playing it cool, Lindsay reportedly requested that only juices, water and coconut water where to be seen in the VIP area, while keeping a glass of vodka and red bull on the side for herself.
  • Whatever Lindsay was doing seemed to be working for her as sources say she was having a great time and even did a stint as a deejay. The relatively mellow vibe continued the next morning when she hit the beach for some sight-seeing before her flight back to the U.S. Monday.

Cabaret Tehran

  • HORRIBLE. Hummus SUCKS. Kabob and Rice is below average. Potato Salad Drenched in Mayo YUCK. Instead of Tortilla Chips, why dont you have Pita Chips. For Such a nice place, can't you get a better chef. SERIOUSLY, I can alreayd cook better than you. I know small dumps that make better food than you. If you change the food quailty and the recipes, I will come back because I like the patmospher.
Mischa Daniels feat. Craig Smart, MuGz & Rosette - Partied All Night