The Caddo Tribe

By Gavin Molina 9\15\16 3rd period

How did the geography in their chosen Texas region influence the type of shelter they lived in ?

The Caddos didn't live in tepees. There were two different types of Caddo houses. The eastern Caddos in Louisiana built tall beehive-shaped grass houses like the one in this picture. The western Caddos, in Texas and Oklahoma, built earthen lodges with thatched roofs.

How did they dress and how does it relate to the climate of the region they live in?

The Caddo indians lived in the Coastal Plains Region of Texas (South and Southeast part of Texas). There for, it would be a very humid and rainy environment since they lived on the coast line of Texas (the coastal plains region has more precipitation than any other part of Texas).

How did the Caddo Indians survive the wars against the Karankawa Indians

How did the geography in their region of Texas of your chosen Native American tribe impact the way they lived?

It turned the Caddo tribe into an advanced tribe because they lived in the coastal plains region of Texas.They were an advanced tribe because they learned how to farm crops on in the lakes,rivers,or even the coast lines of Texas.This caused the Caddo tribe to no longer be nomadic in the Texas region,they still hunted buffalo but not as a much before they moved to the coastal plains region of Texas.