Different Ways To Persevere

Examples of how people have persevered

What is Perseverance?

Perseverance is when you face many adversities , but you work hard and overcome them and experience a triumph. My personal definition is: Staying strong during hard times and overcoming them.

A Problem/Solution Paragraph about Tom Monaghan

Tom Monaghan faced many problems starting Domino's Pizza. Some example adversities are that his business dropped, there was a fire in anchor store, his partnership failed, and he went in debt. Solutions for these problems were that he kept making pizzas, never gave up, cut off expensive pizzas from menu, and was creative with new ideas. These are all good solutions that he did do. If he hadn't of persevered, Domino’s Pizza would not exist.

A Compare and Contrast Chart About Leroy and Dartanyon

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A Sequence Paragraph About Winston Churchill

In the year of 1874, Winston Churchill was born. Next, in 1887, 12-year old Winston was accepted to the prestigious. Then, in the year of 1893 Churchill got accepted into Royal Military College. Then, after completing college in 1894, he graduated top class was given a commission as a cavalry officer. A few years later, in 1904, he switched to the Liberal Party. Then, a few years ahead, in 1953, he was made a knight by Queen Elizabeth. A few years later, in 1955, Winston was 80-years old and resigned. Later, sadly, in 1965, Churchill's life came to a yield, because he passed.

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A Description Chart of The Lady Jags

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A Cause and Effect Paragraph about Dr. Francisco Bucio

The reason why Dr. Francisco Bucio lost his fingers was because of an earthquake. If the earthquake didn’t happen he would still have his fingers and be working as a surgeon. Due to the earthquake happening, he lost his fingers, replaced his fingers with his toes, and became a famous surgeon who performed with his “feet”. This explains why he experienced major resilience, because he had to venture out to still be a surgeon.
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What can we learn from the perseverance of others to help us overcome our own adversity in today's world?

We can learn from the perseverance of others to help us overcome our own adversities because they can inspire us. Also, if they were to have a similar story then we can relate to them and have hope and belief that we can get through anything. You can only persevere if you want to and have desire to, because it is up to you.