BNS/BCS Library Newsletter #3


BNS Parent Jacqueline Woodson Wins National Book Award

The BNS/BCS Library sends its heartiest congratulations to one of its favorite authors and greatest supporters, Jacqueline Woodson. Jackie is one of today's finest children's book authors whose awards include 3 Newbery Honors, a Coretta Scott King Award and 3 Coretta Scott King Honors, 2 National Book Awards, a Margaret A. Edwards Award and an ALAN Award -- both for Lifetime Achievement in YA Literature. She will be visiting our 5th grade BNS Mock Newbery Club in January.
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Mock Newbery Kick-Off!

BNS moms, Gayle Foreman and Isabel Kyriacou, led an incredibly successful meeting for more than thirty 5th graders taking part in this year's Mock Newbery Club. Some of you may know Gayle as the author of If I Stay, the New York Times best-selling teen novel that was recently made into a block-buster film. Stay tuned for news about Kate Milford, author of Newbery contender Green Glass House, who visited the group's second meeting!

Families Attend Library Cafe During SLCs

We are happy to report that over twenty families stopped by Library Cafe during Student-Led Conferences. The winner of our $25 Barnes & Noble Gift Card Raffle was parent, Lisa Williams. Rose Guerrero is the winner of a BCS t-shirt. Thanks, Rose, for bringing your family into the library to sign up for Engrade.

New York Teacher Newspaper To Profile BNS/BCS Library's Users of MyLibraryNYC

Thanks to all the BNS and BCS staff and students who took part in our press event with UFT newspaper, New York Teacher. A reporter and photographer kept us all busy, documenting and discussing the myriad ways the BNS/BCS Library is facilitating the MyLibraryNYC program. The article will appear next month. Stay tuned!

Library Intern/Book Reviewer

Tatianna Davis, the library's 11th grade intern, loves to spread the word about books she's enjoyed. Her latest endeavor is a weekly book review that is featured in Scill's weekly student letter. So far, she has recommended Sunrise Over Fallujah by Walter Dean Myers and Can't Get There From Here by Todd Strasser. You can also follow Tatianna on Goodreads.

The Library Meets Math

Brian and Rachel prepared their ninth graders for ET by inviting the library in to present digital tools that introduce a topic in an engaging way. In this case, students were going the the Metropolitan Museum of Art or the Rubin Museum to explore the connections between Himalayan and Islamic art, and mathematics. The Library showed classes InstaGrok, an interactive concept-mapping tool, as well as Nettrekker and Grolier Go. All of these sites are available via the BNS/BCS Library Home Page.
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Former Newbery Committee Members Visit 5th Graders in the Library

Two former Newbery Medal committee members, Marilyn Ackerman and Michael Santangelo, visited the library to talk about their experiences on the prestigious children's book award committee. They shared stories, explained the Newbery rules, described the merits of great kids' books, and took questions from the audience.

BNS Paraprofessionals Work With the Library

The library conducted two professional development sessions for BNS paraprofessionals. Paras took the opportunity to explore the catalog, locate books by call number, look for books to use with their students, and order books from MyLibraryNYC.

Digital Extensions of Learning -- Library Professional Development

Susan attended a Saturday professional development opportunity offered by the New York City Office of Library Services. The workshop addressed the increased use of nonfiction in the classroom, and highlighted exemplary nonfiction online resources, including apps, ebooks, and websites.

Library is Looking for Volunteers

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