Ashley Schoening's Webinar

Digital Content in Your District

What I Learned About Using Digital Content

This Webinar was presented by the company Moodlerooms and, in some ways, felt like a commercial for using Moodle for conducting online learning. The presenters did touch on other platforms for online discourse, specifically Blackboard, but they managed to steer the conversation back to Moodle as it is currently being used by the Open High School of Utah (OHSU) for virtual learning. The Webinar touched on concepts like LMS (learning management systems), which are more easily transferable in a system like Moodle, and OERs, which are common tools and learning networks available online. The presenters also explained that OHSU was beginning to use a cloud back-up system for content in its courses, which could be used by other schools who wanted to try this platform in the future.

Overall, I think this Webinar may have been a little bit too technical for me. I had hoped for some more specific ideas for using apps when my school begins piloting BYOD next year, but this was intended for systems who wanted more virtual school options. From participating in this program, I know a lot about virtual schools from the student perspective, and I'm not sure how many of my students would be able to handle it. I would like to see more results presented, as well as more hands-on demonstrations as to how this works from an instructor perspective.

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This video feature's The National Writing Project's Elyse Eidman-Aadahl explaining the importance of digital writing, as well as how it can work in conjunction with traditional writing. She passionately encourages students and teachers to think beyond the tools they use and think about writing as being a purpose, audience-driven mechanism for clearly expressing our thoughts. She sees that teachers need to anticipate what students need for the future and embraces technology’s ability to connect our society’s thoughts and ideas.

Discovery Education's web site offers standards-aligned resources to "make learning come alive"! From the main page, users can link to the digital streaming site and access videos in all academic areas, some coupled with lesson plans. The Discovery Education Techbook is an alternative to traditional science textbooks. There are also additional links for Science and Health classes, as well as professional development links and interactive sites for students. Discovery Education has truly built a user friendly site that can be utilized in the classroom or in planning curriculum.

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Jeff Dunn tells teachers exactly how to choose the appropriate digital content for their classrooms; he even includes a very handy, PDF infographic to print out and keep on their desks. He recognizes that technology is not just the "magic unicorn" of education, and that teachers cannot simply hand students technology, walk away, and expect miracles. This blog, as one would expect of a blog, also links to other similarly themed blogs with other great ideas about digital content.