Weekly Notes

May 1-7

Focus of the Week: Independence

Monday, May 2

Kay and Cacey- Novi PBL classroom visit (if you are interested in doing something like this, please let me know)!

Muffins with your Favorite Gal setup after school

Tuesday, May 3

3rd Grade Math MStep

Muffins with your Favorite Gal 8-8:30AM

Carver/Maurus meeting @ 9:30AM

Compton/Maurus meeting @ 10:30AM

Staff Meeting @ 4:00-6:00PM

JCC Meeting 6:00 (Middleton attending)

Wednesday, May 4

3rd Grade Math MStep


Walk-a-Thon 11:00AM-12:00PM (time may change a little- please be flexible!)

Next Gen Classroom Meeting @ central office 4PM (Maurus, Shufeldt, Kopy, Vasiloff)

Thursday, May 5

Maurus/Dunn Meeting @ 10:00AM

Monitor Meeting @ 12:00PM

MTSS Planning Meeting 1:00PM-2:00PM

Gleaners 2:00PM-4:00PM

Friday, May 6

Popcorn Day!

Maurus @ central office- Elementary Meeting 8:30-11:30

Student Services Director Focus Group- 12:30PM-1:30PM Brian and Jason will be over here to listen to your suggestions for the new Students Services Director

Last Week's Behavior Data

Administrative Interventions: A LOT- I lost track

ISS: 4

OSS: 2

Send Home: 1

Trends/Hot Spots: Relational aggression

One thing that I chose to take a long time on this week is on the relational aggression piece. I noticed that the kids are dividing themselves into groups and creating clubs/friendship circles/cliques. This isn't anything new to kids- it is the kind of stuff that you can probably remember from your own childhood.

Talking to the kids, a lot of frustration centers around wanting to be a part of a club/group/clique and not knowing how to do it. We have been having a lot of issues with students trying to be in a group and going about it in the wrong ways (name calling, yo mama jokes, physical aggression, etc...).

There was also talk about how if there is such a group, how to know if the group is okay (healthy behavior, inclusion, etc...) or not okay (formed to exclude, hurt or promote negative behavior).

If you notice that this is something that is happening with your students, we do have some resources that will help to address it. Many of you are familiar with Second Step, which gives you guidance on how to address this stuff without having to create things on your own.

This is part of educating the whole child- not just the academics. If we focus solely on the academics, we will most surely be dealing with the social/emotional by having to put out fires. This is a way to be proactive and to save yourself a lot of time in the end. We are not just teachers of academics- we are in the business of academics as well as citizenship.

The way I look at it is if a student aces every single academic test, but is hurting other people or doing negative, hurtful things when an adult isn't present, we still have work to do.

If a child doesn't know how to read, we teach them to read.

If a child doesn't know how to add, we teach them how to add.

If a child doesn't know how to behave, we.... Punish them? Lecture them? Complain about their home life? Complain about how "that's not my job?"


Let me know if you need any help, guidance or resources so that you can support your students' character education.

Digital Citizenship

I talked with the 4th and 5th grades about Digital Citizenship quite a bit this week- we have had students who are searching terms that are not appropriate for students and trying to go onto websites that are against our acceptable use policy (AUP).

The tech department asked that if you have any questions about a student's usage, to please submit is as a ticket if you are requesting a report to look at their digital footprint. When you do get the report back, if it includes terms that are definitely not okay, please bring it to my attention.

I had a conversation with a parent about the terms that their student was searching for, and I explained to the parent that the district cannot guarantee that firewalls and other preventative measures will always work (some of our kids are more savvy than we are with getting through things). The parent agreed that while kids are naturally curious, there needs to be a different way to satisfy curiosity (like asking a trusted adult) where the information provided is appropriate for the age group. We are using times like this as teachable moments with consequences (suspended technology use for a period of time).

Michelle v is working on a Google Doc that we can add names to when you and/or I have deemed it necessary for a student to have suspended technology privileges. She will be able to send it out most likely this week- make sure that you put any student names on there so that all teachers who use technology in their classrooms (especially specials teachers) can check it to make sure that we are all in the loop.

Murray is in the House

Lisa is now ready to sub- if you want her in your room for an upcoming absence, get in touch with her at 313-335-4771. If you both plan out the date, then just talk to Carver about getting her in the system already assigned to the job.

Lisa knows our culture and our kids know her- she is a great person to have in for you.

Kagan Training

Classroom teachers, I sent out an email for you to respond to if you are interested in Kagan Training. It is a pretty intense training, but it closely aligns to the highly effective criteria in the Danielson Framework. Doing this training and implementing strategies shows that you are learning how to apply very high leverage teaching strategies, and, most importantly, it benefits the students TREMENDOUSLY.

If you are interested, please let me know ASAP- it is expensive and I would like to send a crew of Jefferson people, but I need to plan ahead.