Dialogic Reading

Effects of dialogic reading long term


The purpose of my intended study is to determine how dialogic reading instruction impacts reading achievement long term. It will address children who enter kindergarten unprepared to because they may lack the vocabulary and sentence structure crucial to school success. These individual differences in early achievement may have long term consequences for children (Alexander & Entwisle, 1988: Stevenson & Newman, 1986). The research data has shown that dialogic reading and oral language can help improve English Language Learners and students from low income families reading achievement. I am wondering if that early intervention will result in a long term effect.


~Whitehurst found positive benefits on the effects of an interactive book reading program on children from low income families.

~Whitehurst also found children from low income families need frequent one-on-one language interactions with an adult to enhance language skills.

~Lever, Rosemary, and Monique found significant increases on structure, context measures, and expressive vocabulary after interventions using dialogic reading

~Miller found primary aged children who have better oral language make faster progress in acquiring literacy skills.