My Cat Gracie

When We Got Her

It all started when I left the house. My mom and I went to Pickets, the little store down the street, to get some ice-cream and lunch. We always look next to the door where all the flyers are. There was one flier that stood out, the flier was for a free cat. The flier stated that the cat was a big sweetheart that loved to be petted. She was also very playful and would sure love a new home before the owner would put her in the Humane Society. I constantly kept begging my mom to go to the owner’s house. Once she said yes we called the owner, Dave, and told him that we would come and get her tomorrow. I was so excited to go see her.

Once we got there Dave showed us in and we saw about 20 more cats in the living room. Looking at one of the cats, it hissed at me right away. However all I could here was a lot of meowing, a few barks, and the T.V. in the background. We walked up a set of stairs and walked into a room. I turned and saw her laying on a pillow in the window. She meowed quietly. Hastily I walked up to her and gave a pet to her. We talked with Dave and said that we would take her.


Once we got home we set up all of her necessities. We let her out, and of course for the first 30 minutes here she was walking around and smelling everything. My dad came out of the living room and bent down to have her smell him. She smelt him and then hissed twice at him. After a bit, she rubbed her head against my dad’s leg.

“You little stinker.” My dad said to the cat.

I just laughed. We walked to the kitchen, following the cat. Walking everywhere, she finally made up her mind and walked into my room without a second thought. She jumped up and started to meow for attention. Still sniffing, she found my ladybug pillow. She pawed and started to ruffle it. Once I sat down, she dashed away and off the bed. Unknowingly of me that she would take the pillow and not give it back. Later that night all her toys were scattered all over, same with cat fur. I picked up all the toys and went to the kitchen. Once I came through the front room all the toys were everywhere.


At the end of the day she seemed to have stolen my ladybug pillow. Into my room, and all I heard was a little purring but a whole lot of meowing the whole night. I fell asleep and about an hour or two later, meowing, meowing, and more meowing. Gracie had left my room and sat in the kitchen meowing at nothing. She finally stopped, and I fell asleep.

In the morning all I saw were cat toys and cat fur. We let her outside because of her meowing. I walked outside and to the right side of the house and picked off a piece of catnip. I then walked back to the front and gave Gracie the catnip. She went nuts. I kept making her chase it. Although she was a bit annoying it was worth it to get her.