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Week 16 Learning Targets

Language Arts- It is the final week before out Holiday Vacation, and we are wrapping up our Gary Paulsen author study in language arts. We have read Woods Runner as a class, multiple excerpts from his books, and each child has read a book club book from one of Gary Paulsen's 200 books he has written. We are identifying patterns within his writing and have learned so much about the American Revolution through our reading. This week students will decide on a mini-essay topic they feel would benefit readers if it was in their book club books, since Gary Paulsen puts many nonfiction mini-essays within Woods Runner to help us better understand the time period. They will also be doing a final opinion writing. This will be a summative grade. They have received many forms of feedback and grades on previous opinion writings. We will end the week with a fun surprise to send us on vacation!

Math- We will be making conversions between feet and yards, interpreting data and recording our findings on a line plot early in the week. On Wednesday we will have our End of Unit test and finish the week with leaf plots and bar graphs.

Science- Moon, mass, orbit, Celsius, Sun spots, atmosphere, rotation, axis, revolution, seasons, and tilt. Please remember that the vocabulary is key in the comprehension of science concepts. This week we will be covering Earth & space science. Your 5th graders will be deepening their understanding of how the Earth’s axis and revolutions create seasons. We will also be strengthening their understanding of how the Earth’s rotation’s and the Sun causes shadows and effects life on Earth.

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PVE Writing Rubric Expectations

Parents, we would like to refresh your memory of the 2014/2015 PVE instructional focus. Across all curricular arenas we are directing our attention to writing. It is our expectation that every student will progress at least one year in their level of writing. As a staff we have created a rubric to hold the students accountable. This rubric is posted below. When your child is writing any assignment at home, please hold them to the fifth grade standard. The rubric is not unfamiliar to the students. A checklist with goals is in their Go Folder (pictured below). Please review your child's checklist and goals with them at home. The rubric itself is in every subject notebook, and it is posted in every classroom. We are continually amazed by the quality of work our children produce and fully expect each child to meet their goal.

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Stride Academy

We do have Stride Academy again this year. It is a great online program for the kids to play and have fun while strengthening their reading and math skills. It works at their level and targets specific areas of need. Please login and enjoy! Please find your child's homeroom teacher information below.

Play STRIDE over Winter Break! Top 25 students win a popcorn party!

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Six Week Auctions- Need Donations

We will be having auctions about every 6 weeks. This is a great way for our students to spend the "money" they have been earning for their classroom jobs and excellent behavior. We would love any donations to make this the best auction ever. Donations can vary from anything to new/slightly used small toys, finger nail polish, lotions, Pokémon, trinkets, etc. We would greatly appreciate any donations.

Million Word Challenge 2nd 6 Week Winner

Mrs. Davidson's Homeroom

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Million Words Challenge

2,550 minutes by January 12

Last call for Boxtops!

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PTA Meeting and PVE Holiday Fun Night

Tuesday, Dec. 16th, 5-7:30pm


5:00 Lego Robotics Demo with special guest, Jorge, STEM robot

6:00 Choir Musical, Santa's holiday hoedown, PTA will have cookies, pictures with Santa, & Holiday gift shop OPEN

Winter Classroom Parties

Friday, Dec. 19th, 1:45pm



Monday, Dec. 22nd, 7:15am to Monday, Jan. 5th 2015 at 7:15am

With your family

Students return to class

Tuesday, Jan. 6th 2015 at 7:15am


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