End the Madness

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A Letter Home

Dear Mother,

It is true that fighting for our country is a great honor, if not the most nobile and respectable honors. Yet how we portray the fighting as amazing and completely worth it all is all wrong. War may have its benefits, you can fight for freedom, you can fight for justice and the defense of your people and country. But you must remember the torment that comes with the war aswell. We must not forget that many men do not come home, too many mothers can no longer see their sons and pride them for their heroic efforts. So yes, going to the war for your country is a tremeandous sacrafice which shall be recognized by giving honor and gratitude , yet it is a frightening world to enter which leaves death and destruction. I miss you mother, and I will fight for my country with pride, but do not forget what I have said to you please.

With love and blessings,

Your Soldier Mike

An Editorial: Dulce Et Decorum Est

I believe that the poem Dulce Et Decorum Est brilliantly portrays the suffering of war and the grusum sacrafises that are made which people tend to avoid speaking of. Describing the soldier's bloody death of drowning in his own blood makes the reader feel the nightmare that is the war. This poem is a beautiful nightmare. This poem gets down the the truth by depicting the soldiers in a simile as beaten down tired animals and speaking the horrors of war in which these soldiers had to see and if they are lucky enough to survive, never to forget the torment they went through. In two words, this poem is truthful perfection.


  • French Second Lieutenant Alfred Joubaire wrote in his diary just before he died: “Humanity is mad! It must be mad to do what it is doing. What a massacre. What scenes of horror and carnage! I cannot find words to translate my impressions. Hell cannot be so terrible! Men are mad!”
  • 2.5 Million men have been drafted to die
  • $30 Billion - How much the US will pay for this war
  • 13,000 Native Americans are serving for the US without citizenship