The Ben Franklin Friday Focus

January 16, 2015

Happy Friday!

Dear Staff,

Happy Birthday Ben Franklin! I will... I mean, Ben Franklin will be coming around the school and saying hello tomorrow in the morning, so have fun and enjoy.

I kicked off Ben Franklin's Birthday weekend with a really great activity tonight, that was powerful in a number of ways and had way more meaning than was evident on the surface. Tonight I attended the first ever "Streamkeepers Night." In a nutshell it was a fundraiser for Ryan Morris, former BF student and member of the first group of "Streamkeepers" in Jeanne Muzi's class 9 years ago. For his Eagle Scout Project, Ryan is going to make a wooden walkway on the path to get to the stream. The night was awesome! It was well attended and had a lot of hands on activities as well as a great presentation from 3 Americorps Watershed Ambassadors.

In attendance were former BF students who spanned the district: LHS, LMS and LIS as well as current BF students. The impact of the Streamkeepers program and of all that is going on and has gone on at Ben Franklin has been huge on so many students!

In and of itself, tonight was very powerful to see, but more subtly, the power lies in the fact that this whole program stemmed from ONE idea in ONE classroom almost a decade ago. Instead of shlupping all the way to Washington Crossing State Park to hear a lecture about ecology, Jeanne took a leap of faith after one of her students indicated that he had a stream right by his house across the street. One Scientist, hundreds of students, one Green Flag, lots of tweeking, a few Wikis, some hard work and one international partnership later, it has evolved into something special. The program is something that students cherish years later and never forget.

...And it started from one idea. It WASN'T incredible right away, it has gotten better every year since 2006. Great things do not always start off with a bang and originate shiny and perfect. They start as ideas that we nurture and adjust and improve. We just have to be willing to scrap and fight and work for them. What ideas do you have that could become great if you stuck with them for the next nine years and improved them over time? Don't be afraid to take the first step in trying a new idea - you never know what might happen!




Week of 1/19: Group 3 AM Car Line (Reif, Offery, Urizar)

Monday 1/19 - No School Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Tuesday 1/20 - School Goal/Data Meeting

Wednesday 1/21 - 3rd Grade Concert 10 - 10:30 am

Wednesday 1/21 - 3rd Grade Parent Concert 7 pm

Thursday 1/22 - Lincoln Investments Representative in Faculty Room

Thursday 1/22 - 2nd Grade AM Grade Level Mtg.

Friday 1/23 - 3rd Grade AM Grade Level Mtg.

Saturday 1/24 - Winter Blast 6:30 pm

Week of 1/26: Group 4 AM Car Line (Rigby, Rosser, Simon)


Monday 1/26 - District Librarians, Grade Level Mtgs. 3rd Grade LML

Thursday 1/29 - K AM Grade Level Mtg.

Friday 1/30 - 1st Grade AM Grade Level Mtg.

Friday 1/30 - Marking Period Ends, Spirit Day, Spirit Day Assembly

Friday 1/30 - Staff Winter Party @ Amalfi's

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