Hudson Blings Post-Summer Update

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Rock Your Summer Challenge!

First thing's first - I'm not dead - I've just been hiding in the UK most of the summer, de-stressing and re-charging my completely depleted batteries! I didn't realize that all our selling-condo/buying-house/moving had burnt me out so much!! So my sincere apologies for being less than my usual Mama Hen leader the past couple of months.

I'm back, I am here for you as always, and for those of you who didn't contact me all summer, you could have, but I did enjoy the vacation :)

I hope you all had a FANTASTIC summer, whatever you did - and I can't wait to hear what you did when I talk to you. I plan on calling you all to catch up - or have a first-time chat if we haven't talked before - very me back if I leave you a voice-mail :)

*** Massive Congratulations to ALL our Rock Your Summer Challenge Earners !!! ***

Level 1 - The Neeya Drop Earrings

Jennifer Sutton

Gayle Turi

Krystal Riebesell

Rachel Kashner

Meghan Mullins

Karen Zavala

Stephanie Lee

Joan Spivack

Andrea Scalisi

Level 2 - The Neeya Bracelet

Jennifer Sutton

Meghan Mullins

Andrea Scalisi

Level 3 - The Cobal Leather Bag!

Jennifer Sutton

Meghan Mullins

Andrea Scalisi

You worked so hard to achieve this Ladies! Well done!!!

(I wish I could add music and flashing lights to this newsletter!)

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AND .... it's NOT to be missed!!!!

Why??? I hear you ask?

Because, besides Hoopla, which is all a bit of a hoopla and girls weekend with some fab training thrown in for good measure (!), this is BY FAR the best training you can get - and it's LOCAL!

EVEN if you went to Hoopla, you MUST go to Bootcamp!

Why??? I hear you ask?

Because, it's more in depth, it's local so it's smaller, and so you can ask questions more easily, and meet other stylists, and leaders, in your area to connect and pace with (if you want to)

AND it's Fall-specific, soup-to-nuts, everything you need to launch, re-launch (as in my case!!), or carry on your business through Fall and the MOST important season of the year - HOLIDAY!

You have local leaders giving Home Office training to give you what you need for the BEST Fall & Holiday Season possible!

AHHHHH - the magic word!


Yes! Get a sneak peek (no pictures or posts please!) of the new, soon-to-be-released, HOLIDAY collection!

...ONLY at the Fall Bootcamp! here to Register now!

NJ 9/15:

NYC 9/9:

If you cannot make the Glen Ridge, NJ or the NYC bootcamps, check Stylewatch to find one near you ( Most are happening between now- sept 15th.

I will be at the New Jersey one on the 15th - both Jennifer Sutton & I will be part of the Presentation, so at least come and give us some moral support :)


11:00am - 11:30am: Meet Stella & Dot

11:30am - 2:00pm: Bootcamp Training for All Stylists

** 2:00pm - 3:00pm: Leadership Roundtable

**For Career Rank of Star +


** For Lead Stylists+ wanting to promote to Star in Q4

with the following requirements:

- Plan to bring a guest to the MSD

- Have a min of 4 September shows logged into your lounge

- Must rsvp to CARLA GREENGRASS at by 9/9

So what are you waiting for???

Click now!

I'm bringing refreshments for my girls ;)

See you there!



Fall Re-Entry Bootcamp

Sunday, Sep. 15th 2013 at 11:30am-2pm

555 Ridgewood Avenue

Glen Ridge, NJ

Glen Ridge Country Club

555 Ridgewood Avenue, Glen Ridge, NJ


11:00am - 11:30am: Meet Stella & Dot

11:30am - 2:00pm: Bootcamp Training for All Stylists

** 2:00pm - 3:00pm: Leadership Roundtable

Let me hear you ROAR!

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