Weekly Warrior Bulletin

April 24, 2015

Let's put our minds together to see what life we can create for our kids. ~Sitting Bull



INTERIM GRADE DEADLINE - Reminder to teachers that Interim 4 grades are due on Friday, May 1st. Please work to ensure that all grades are up to date and accurate for this final posting during the school year.

- For the month of May, CFIP Meetings will be held at the discretion of the Department Leader. Considerate of the need to close out the year and the requirements of testing, Department Leaders are asked to communicate with their teams to determine meeting expectations. Please update Sherry and Kate of your departmental intentions.

FIELD TRIPS - If you are going on a field trip, you must notify the health nurse at least one week prior.

STUDENT AWARDS - Names for student awards are due to your department leader by this Friday, April 24. Late submissions will not be accepted.

Guidelines are as follows:

- You may provide two names to your DL 1) Excellence Award for your top student and 2) Achievement Award for your most improved by April 24th. If you have seniors and
would like to nominate 1-2 seniors, you may still nominate 2 underclassmen.

- DLs you will bring these names to the April 27th DL meeting

- Teachers are invited to the Senior Awards on May 27 from 6 - 8 in the auditorium. Dr. Hamilton will be giving out awards unless teachers request otherwise via Dr. Hamilton.

- All Teachers are expected to attend the school-wide awards on June 11 from 9:30 – 11:00 am; Individual teachers will stand with their respective department and present awards.

TEACHERS: Want your Master's Degree but having a hard time finding the money?

The Washtington County Federal Teacher's Credit Union (WCFTCU) offers 0% interest on student loans. Yes, that is right 0%. You could borrow money for classes, earn a B or higher, get some tuition reiumbursement from WCPS, and pay on your loan! For more information call Joni Burkhart at 766-8765 or the WCFTCU.

Prom Ticket Sales

Monday, April 20th, 11:45pm to Friday, May 1st, 1:30am

Cafeteria during lunches


Monday - Pledge Day: All students will be asked to sign a safe driving pledge during 1st
Tuesday - Reminders: Safe driving tips will be displayed on TVs and read over PA. Prom Promise Assembly 2:30
Wednesday - Out of the Dark: Wear white!
Thursday - Memories: Banner in the cafeteria for students to leave favorite high school memory on
Friday - 15 Fact: distracted driving statistics read over PA each period
Saturday - Prom 7;30 - 10:30 at the Williamsport Barn

Sports & Activities

Monday, April 27th, 12am to Friday, May 1st, 2am

10 Campus Avenue

Boonsboro, MD

April 27 - Boys Lacrosse 5:15
April 28 - Girls Lacrosse & Tennis 5:30
April 29 - Baseball & Softball 4:45
April 30 -
May 1 -National College Signing Day; American Odessey Race


* CONGRATULATIONS SUE LOWERY for being named Regional Athletic Director of the Year! Sue works her butt off for each student-athlete and we are fortunate to have the best!

* Thank you LESLIE LEMON for covering a colleague while she was out!

* Congrats again to our TOY finalists JACKIE REBOK & ASHLEY WISNER! You make us proud everyday!

* KUDOS to AYAKO SHIGA for organizing a field trip so that her Japanese students could participate in coursework at UMBC! Way to support a college culture and make learning meaningful and realistic!

* Great job STEVE GARLAND from helping 2 FFA students get scholarships! Way to go!

* Thanks to RENEA MORAN, MARK HEAVNER, JOHN WEST, AUBREY SWISHER, and ANDREA PARRY for hosting a colleague on short notice - you're true team players!

* JASON ORENDI, thank you for taking time to sort out complications with a colleague's gradebook - VERY much appreciated!

* Thank you CHRIS YOUNG for hosting a teacher from another WCPS School - We truly appreciate your dedication to the profession!

* ALLISON WADDING, Thank You For bringing clarity during times of confusion - your attention to detail is a great asset to the BHS Team!

* Thank You to MARK WADEL, CHRIS YOUNG, and SHAWN CUTSAIL for helping to cover athletic events last week!

* Thank you EMILY DeMARTINO for being the "Best supporter of students, the Best student Bounty-Hunter, and the Best Keeper of Hope for all students."


Emily DeMartino - April 28
Kristen Green - April 30
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