Geosophic Explained

A really quick guide

The hard data

With our geoleaderboards, on average, we've increased almost a 50% the retention of players (measured by ad impressions).

That can mean a serious bump of your revenues (depending on your business model).

In some games, we've also affected the growth rate, even doubling its viral growth (e.g. See the attached 'Mahjohng Style Hong Kong' actual downloads image).

How does it work?

We use geolocation to increase competition in games. How? Very simple.

With geo-leaderboards you can have 2,000 groups of 10 players competing to be the TOP 10 players in their city, instead to having just 100 competing at a worldwide TOP 100.

That's an increase of 200x times in reach. And the best thing is that you can have both systems.


The geo-leaderboards allow players to compete at city/region/country/worldwide level, which means that casual players have a bigger shot at achieving something meaningful.

They work with any sort of scoring system (cumulative, temporal, ascending, descending, etc) and the UI is completely customizable.

Location-based tournaments

Our location-based tournaments take our geoleaderboards to the next level.

With them you can set up recurring competitions that reengage players with push notifications, offer them prizes, etc.

It's a fun and easy way of keeping your game constantly fresh and engaging.

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