Criminal Psychologist

Tori Stedman

What is Criminal Psyschology

Criminal psychologist take a look at the mental stability and ifs and whys of different criminals. They take a look at many aspects of behaviors in crime scenes. They can even analyze whether or not a person was mentally competent while committing the crime just by looking at the scene


70,700 annually and about 80,000 in the state of Texas
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Job outlook

This job is expected to grow 19% by the year 2024 making it one of the most fast growing psychology fields so far. It will be easier to gain this job if you have a doctoral degree


Usually Criminal psychologist will have a doctorate degree in psychology, Masters degree is good for most positions, then they will most likely need a license to practice, like most doctors
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Working Environmet

Some work independently or with a prison, or court. They intestate different scenes and are exposed to many levels of criminals, even up to serial killers. They may even have to interact with them which can be very freighting at times. They clearly work in high profile situations
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