Teacher/. daycare provider

Teacher/ daycare provider

Career exploration

What career did you choose to explore? Why did you choose this career:

Elementary school teacher I choose this career because i love to work with children and help them. I also choose a daycare provider because I love little kids and I love to watch them.

What does a person in this job do:

With teaching they do, they work with children, they also help kids. With a daycare provider they watch kids and help them as well.

What kind of education would you need for this job:

I would need to have for teaching is reading, math,social studies and I need some working with children. What I need for a daycare provider is working with children.

How many jobs are there in the U.S:

There are about 167,900

Career exploration

Approximately how much money would you make doing this job:

I would get approximately 58,050

What is the future of this job:

It will become mor popular because of children growing and growing

What jobs are similar to this job:

There are college professors and coaches