They are very small mammals. They are a part of the mongoose.They were made famous from the tv show meerkat manor from animal planet that followed several meerkat family's in the Kalanari desert. They live in the kalanari desert in southern Africa. They weight 2 pounds. They 12 inches tall. They live for 12-14 years. Their tale is 8 inches long to balance the animal in upright position .

Map of location

They live in the kalanari desert in southern africa

habitat characteristics

the Kalahari desert is a basin -shaped desert region covering 360,000 square miles (930,000 square kilometers )in southern Africa ,the kalahair is bounded by the heawaters of the zambezi river to the north ,the plateaus of transvaal and zimbabwe to the east.the kind of tree they have is the camelthron tree.


meerkats are omnivoers. they mostly eat insects and lizards,snakes,eggs,and fruit they also eat scorpions. eagles eat them

life cycle

meerkats give birth to two to four pups in a liter. all meerkats in the colony help care for the pups

inherited traits

fur color, eye color, what it eats, and their tall


the meerkat will go with the zebra and a giraffe. a fence that has a big cement block that has bars and glass that will go in the middle of the squares.


a small sized ball, and holes to dig