Become a Better Running Back

by Mario Alcaraz


1. Stand tall in front of a mirror with your feet shoulder width apart.

2. Bend your elbows at 90 degrees with your palms open facing each other

3. Bring one hand up to your cheek in front of you and the other hand to your rear butt cheek

4. Remember to keep your arms at 90 degrees through the whole movement

5. While standing tall on command pump your arms as fast as you can through the sprinting motion for 20 seconds at a time than rest

6. Your open legs slightly bent but you are not in place yet

7. Younger athletes start out by doing this exercise five times with one-minute rest in between each set As you get better increase the time to 30 seconds

8. While still keeping good form or add a little two to five puond dumbbell weight in your hand

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how to gain better balance

1. To practice the feeling alone, you can start by just standing with both feet on the ground and your eyes closed, and listening to your body.

2. Feel how it sways slightly and corrects your stance all the time

3. The feeling will be most noticeable when your feet are close together

4. For more practically applied exercise, try balancing on your leg for, say, half a minute if you feel wobbly, try bending the leg slightly at the knee

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