Elm Class Update

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Elm class (as told by Elm students)

We are going on three field trips. We went on one trip this week. We took a fancy bus with TVs and a toilet.

We fed sheep there and planted yellow and purple beans.

We got to see horses, cows, and a dog jumped over the gate.

We started reading a chapter book, Charolette's Web.

We have been counting T-shirts and it is a big job!

We have to put the shirts in order so Chelsea and Michelle know what to order.

Project Time this week

Our trip to Snow Hill Farm was great. We learned more about the New York watershed and how we in Brooklyn get our water. We saw firsthand what a rural area looks like.
We added Snow Hill Farm to our state map and labeled it as a rural place.

Next week we will begin to compare the different communities in our state.

We are going on two more trips as a part of our study. Please mark your calendars....

Metro North Trip to Hastings-on-Hudson

Tuesday, May 24th, 9am-3:30pm

134 Southside Avenue

Hastings-on-Hudson, NY

We will take Metro North into the Hudson Valley and visit the community of Hastings-on-Hudson. During this experience students will observe a suburban community.

Please join us! Let us know if you are available to chaperone on this trip.

Hiking at Bear Mountain

Tuesday, June 14th, 8am-3:30pm

3006 Seven Lakes Drive

Bear Mountain, NY

We will travel by bus to Bear Mountain for a day in a New York State Park. We will enjoy time in Nature and Hike in the park.

Please join us! Let is know if you are available to chaperone on this trip.


This week we started a new unit in reading that focuses on reading longer and more complex texts. We began to work on reading more fluently, or making our reading sound like how we talk. Students practiced "scooping" up words into phrases when reading. We also looked at dialogue between characters to notice what the character says and how they say it.

We will also work to keep track of a story over many chapters during read aloud. We started to read Charolette's Web this week.


This week in math we took on a big project, counting and organizing the shirts in the Compass t-shirt closet.

Students worked in groups with a box of shirts. Each student counted one type of shirt and organized ten shirts in a roll. We also worked on showing our work and finding the total number of shirts in box.

Next week this work will continue as we add new inventory to the shirts we have and work to organize one hundred shirts. We will also consider equivalency such as, is 3 tens and 4 ones the same as 2 tens and 14 loose ones.


This week we finished drafting our stories. We thought about strong leads and endings. We filled our stories with details of place, feeling, and dialogue. Next week we publish!