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Welcome Summer Opportunities!

It's hard to believe that the school year will be coming to an end in the next few weeks! I know many of you have your summer planned out, and fun camps and excursions are being planned. Take time to read to with your child this summer, but most importantly take time to MAKE memories together. You have AMAZING children, and it is truly an honor to work with them! If your child is in Grades 1-5, remember that he/she can log in to Google Drive and share his/her GT LEAD folder with you and share and reflect on some things we have been working on this year. If your child qualified to be in GT LEAD for 2018-19 school year, please know that I have you on my email list and will start communicating with you in August. I am so looking forward to working with your children!

Thank you all for letting me be a part of your children's educational journies!

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Summer Math Telescoping Testing

Math Telescoping is another way to differentiate and meet the needs of our students. A student must take an End of Course exam in the above grade level in order to skip a grade in math. For example, if a student in the 1st Grade takes the EOC 2nd Grade Math exam and scores high enough, then the following school year, this student will be in the 2nd Grade and taking 3rd Grade math. Below are dates for the next round of testing, and there is a link to find out more about Math Telescoping.


5/23 Deadline to register for Summer Telescoping Test

6/20 Math Telescoping Test (registration required)

Science and Robotics Camps - Ages 7-14

Our GT 5th Graders attended a Robotics field trip this month. The instructors gave us this form for their summer camps. Be sure to use the code on the form to get 50% off.
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GCISD Summer Enrichment

For GCISD Summer Enrichment Classes: use code GT2018 to register for the GT Courses.

See district website for more information. http://www.gcisd-k12.org/

Colleyville Library Summer Reading Program

Remember Those Summer Photos!!

Please take a moment to take a photo of you and your family, whether it's on a stay-cation or vacation. We will do something with them at the beginning of the year!


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Sorting cards by edges, shapes, design, usefulness...finding relationships! Students also worked on First Grade Math Analogies. Lastly students shared/presented their Piccollages on relationships (one of these things is not like the other), and they had some amazing, abstract connections that went beyond the literal.

1st Grade

First Graders Completed a new Doceri based on the story, My Dog is as Smelly As Dirty Socks. Just like the book, we made a sketch of our family members (including pets) and chose one member about which to write similes. Students brainstormed objects that represented character traits, such as funny, stubborn, and creative, etc. After that, they created a picture using the symbols either in Doodle Buddy or Piccollage. Next, app smashed along adding other photos to create a recording of their findings through Doceri.

Ask to see your child's finished product.

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2nd Grade

Second Graders have created REBUS puzzles and have been sharing them in class. REBUS is where you Reason and Examine By Uncovering Symbols. First they had to brainstorm multi-syllable words, and then choose pictures and objects to represent each syllable of a word or saying. Ask your child to share the ones he/she created. They had fun being clever and enjoyed solving them. Below are some examples. If you can't figure them out, your 2nd Grader would love to help!

3rd Grade

Third Graders have been cracking the secret messages that their classmates have created in order to solve a mystery. They have been creating yes and no questions to help them crack the easier words, as well as to determine if it is a secret word code or a shift code. They are on race to solve the mystery first! They are busy using process of elimination, deduction, and inferencing.

4th Grade

Fourth Graders read Yertle the Turtle, and they discussed issues as a team and mapped out responses. They discuss questions using multiple perspectives. They looked at the problem from the citizens' point of view, from the leader's point of view, and from Mack's point of view. We also discussed positive and negative leaders from the past who are no longer living. Lastly, we discussed individuals like Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Abraham Lincoln and what it meant to stand alone and stand up for something. All of this was in the effort to begin thinking about leadership as 5th Graders and future 6th Graders.
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5/18 Last Day to Join SAGE for free (New Parents to LEAD)

Also, here is a link to SAGE. They often post other summer opportunities and resources for parents.