Curveball-The Year I Lost My Grip

Written by: Jordan Sonnenblick


How would you feel if you had everything that you ever wanted just sitting within an arms reach and almost there to get to it? Then suddenly and unexpectantly have it taken from you because of one bad game? And on top of that never being able to play the game you love ever again??? Well take a walk in 15 year old Peter Goldberg's shoes and you will.

Main Characters

Peter- The Protagonist-trying yo keep his life in order after a life threatening injury and his grandpa slowly just slipping from his fingers.

AJ- Peters best friend that believes that Pete's a superhuman that can do anything he can set his mind to.

Grandpa Goldberg- Peter's sick, stubborn Grandfather.

Angelika- Peter's Lab partner/Girlfriend that helps him with his decisions and is the number one person that Pete goes to talk to about any and everything.

Paragraph Description

Your the Pitcher. Two outs. Two strikes. Bases are loaded. What would you do now? Probably the same thing that Peter did on that day. Except i forgot to mention the slight fact that he has an elbow issue. Not just a little elbow issue either. Like imagine that your arm is snapped into half and is being driven over by a semi-truck back and forth about a thousand different times! Then you know what he feels like. But he pitched the ball anyways and was instantly put into shock falling face first and blacking out in the middle of the field.

Now dealing with his elbow and being told that he may never play Baseball again, he thinks about just giving up. But then he resorts to the two things that makes him the happiest in the World. His Camera. And his Grandfather. But something is wrong with his Gramps but he can't quite put his finger on it. And staring out Freshman year now is kinda a kick in the butt also. So he tries to make the best of it and deal with everything. At least he gets to take a Photography class. Then he see's her walking in towards her. Angelika. Even the name sounded like something and angel would have been named. And she gets to sit ANYWHERE in the class…where does she sit you ask? RIGHT BESIDE PETER! I know, I know, i was surprised myself too. But this is just the beginning of something amazing.

What Did I Enjoy About This Book?

I enjoyed the fact that it taught me a lot about responsibility and respect for my family and the others surrounding my life.

What was the Authors purpose of writing this book?

I think that the purpose of this book was to inform people that you only have so much so you need to use it wisely because it is all going to slip away from you some day no matter what you think.

Why would you recommend this book?

I would strongly recommend this book because it has highly influenced my not to take things for granted and i think that you should realize the same things that i did. :)

Is this book part of a series?

No, It is not but i still highly recommend reading it:) its WELL worth your time.