Four Seasons A+ Spotlight

May/June 2021

Message from our Principal, Ms. Mickelson

Hello Four Seasons A+ Families,

This unusual school year has forced us to adapt certain practices in our schools. We’ve learned a great deal from these changes. For example, eating lunch in one’s classroom is much preferred to eating in a noisy cafeteria with 100+ other students. So, it is likely we will continue that practice beyond COVID. Another opportunity we have experienced is not wearing uniforms. We are exploring the idea of permanently not having uniforms at Four Seasons A+ Elementary. As an important stakeholder, we would love your input. Please take five minutes to take a quick survey regarding uniforms at Four Seasons A+. We appreciate your input.

Please click here to take our short survey.

As we wrap up this extraordinary year, we would like to thank you, our families, for all you’ve done to support your students. We’ve all experienced things we’ve never experienced before. Transitioning back to school was both joyful and challenging for everyone. Our families, students, and staff have all experienced hardships over the past year. We encourage everyone to reach out and support each other as best as we know how to. Give grace when mistakes are made, laugh together, and show love.

Transitioning to summer break brings uncertainty for many of us. In general, humans thrive on routine. When routines change, it can be unsettling. To that end we will be showing consistency with our students each day as we close out the school year. That being said, classrooms will be also having their own end of year celebrations. Please see communications from your child’s teacher to stay in the loop. Our 5th grade students have numerous events set up with their classes in June (we want to send them off in style). Unfortunately, at this time, we cannot allow family members to mingle with students per SPPS district policy regarding COVID protocols. Thank you for understanding.

Take time to enjoy family and friends over the long Memorial Day weekend. We will not have school on Monday, May 31st, we will see you on Tuesday June 1st!


Ms. Mickelson

Grade Level Updates


In-Person (AM Class): We have been busy learning about Cycles in Our World and all the spring changes we see around us! We are observing the life cycle of a butterfly. Our caterpillars are now in the chrysalis stage. We are excited to meet our new painted lady butterflies soon! We will be releasing them in our school garden. We also made May Day baskets and delivered them to the neighbors surrounding Four Seasons. We planted marigold seeds and are excited to take them home for Mother’s Day weekend! Lastly, we have been learning a lot from our student teacher, Ms. Nichole. Her last day is May 7th!

VLS (PM Class): We have also been busy learning about Cycles in Our World and all the spring changes around us! We have been enjoying our Friday Fun days where we wear or bring something to share at our Friday Morning Meeting that is a certain color. We also have been enjoying our weekly virtual playdates on Tuesday afternoons. This has been a great way for students to interact socially with one another. On Tuesday, May 4th, we had our Virtual Spring Family Day where we celebrated our successes this year and discussed transitioning to Kindergarten next year.Pre K

Kindergarten/1st Grade VLS

During Kindergarten and First Grade Virtual Learning School, we are finishing up our fact-finding using nonfiction literature, and naming and comparing two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes. We also discussed how we can help to keep our earth clean and healthy. We will be beginning a study of life cycles and an author study of Eric Carle in May. May is also going to be a time of practicing addition and subtraction in math. In literacy, we will be listening for vowel sounds and sounding out words. We thank all families for participating in APTT activities and for supporting their child’s sight word naming skills. The students are demonstrating the life skills of independent learning and self-motivation.


Ms. Long’s 4th/5th VLS class

Our class has been working lots on math, reading and writing. In math 4th graders have been working on geometry, reviewing multiplication and division, and have just started working on fractions, 5th graders have been working on fractions, landmarks of data and are currently working on 3D shapes. Everyone has been working on reading, each student is expected to read for at least 30 minutes a day and complete a worksheet about what they are reading.

Student’s also practice grammar skills and science twice weekly. Student’s have been growing lots as writers, we recently finished a unit focusing on Memoirs, and are currently working on building our stamina as writers. I love to see the students growing and gaining skills. Student’s have been attending class more, participating during class and completing assignments. We have been having fun during lessons and practicing different skills. We still do not have 100% attendance and assignments being completed, so please help us and encourage students to complete work. I host help group meetings every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday 12:20-1:00, and as needed. I look forward to continuing our work together for the remaining weeks of this school year. Please reach out with any questions or support needed anytime. I hope all of you are well and enjoying this Spring weather.

MLL Updates

We are so happy to announce that ACCESS testing is done! All the students worked hard and we are very proud of them! Reading groups have been formed and we are looking forward to working with our students to improve their English proficiency! Thank you! Four Seasons Multilingual Learner Educators - Ms. Rodefeld, 651-321-8140 Ms. Xiong 612-548-1550, Ms. Thiele 612-605-7767 Ms. Olmstead 612.293.9788

Important Dates, Events and Information

Non School Days

Monday, May 31st

LAST DAY OF SCHOOL IS FRIDAY JUNE 11, 2021. We wish you a safe and relaxing summer.

Mask Policy

Masks are mandatory for all our K-5 grade students and highly recommended for our younger students while at school and while riding the school bus. Children can safely play outside without a mask. We appreciate your support in talking to your child(ren) regarding the reasons we wear masks...we want to keep ourselves and others safe. SPPS has provided each student with three masks. If your family needs additional masks, please let your child's teacher know and we will work together to provide you what you need. Masks are also available as children walk in the building each day. Thanks again for your support to keep our learning community safe for our students and staff.

Summer Meal Boxes

Meal Box Delivery Request

Please fill out this form to request home delivery if you are unable to pick up meals for medical or transportation reasons.

SUMMER MEAL DELIVERY: Click here to register for summer meal delivery beginning June 21.

Meal Box Pickup

Free meal boxes for children can be picked up at over 50 schools throughout Saint Paul. Pre-orders are required to pick up at these schools.

Please use this form to pre-order your meal boxes

Meal boxes are available for any children 18 and under, plus those with a disability currently enrolled in a school program. Children do not need to present to pick up meals. Please remember to practice social distancing (stay at least 6 feet away from other people) and wear a mask when picking up meals.

Click here for the full list of locations and pickup schedules

Summer School

Greetings Four Seasons Families-

Please consider the MANY options the district has available for summer programming this year for your student. If it works for your family, please sign up using the link below. Paper applications are also available. Summer programming is offered at no charge and includes transportation (if you are in the district boundaries), meals, and programming.

This year has been difficult with the pandemic and the social injustice in our community.

Establishing a routine and continuing with that routine can be helpful for school age children. A routine can help make sense of what is going on in the world around them. This year routines have been difficult. Summer programming can help with continuing or getting a routine going. This routine will help kids prepare for fall.

Please know we are encouraging students to go to summer school so odds are that your child will have a familiar face in their summer program.

Below is the link for registering and reading about the programs.

Summer Learning Programs / Summer Learning Programs 2021

Saint Paul Public Schools (SPPS) offers Summer Learning Programs for students in grades K-12. Students will have opportunities to learn new things and strengthen current academic skills; prepare for the upcoming school year through active, fun and hands-on activities; and make progress toward graduation.

EBT Resources

P-EBT Resource Page for Families:

P-EBT cards will be sent to the primary contact name and home address that is listed in Campus and therefore it is critical that families have updated contact information in Campus to receive their P-EBT benefits.

Health Office Updates

Thank you for all your hard work keeping our students safe and healthy at Four Seasons. Remember to keep your children home if they are not feeling well and call the school to report their absence. Below are some guidelines to help you if you or your child(ren) are not feeling well.

-If you or your child(ren) are experiencing 1 of these symptoms: a new cough, fever over 100.4, hard time breathing, loss of taste or smell, please keep all of your children home and call the health office or school for next steps.

-If you or your child(ren) are experiencing 2 or more of these symptoms: sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, chills, muscle pain, feeling very tired, new bad headache, new nasal congestion/stuffy or runny nose, please keep all of your children home and call the health office or school for next steps.

-If your child(ren) are experiencing 1 of these symptoms: sore throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, chills, muscle pain, feeling very tired, new bad headache, new nasal congestion/stuffy or runny nose, please keep that child home and monitor and call the health office or school.


MN Immunization Law requires that all students show documentation of being fully immunized or file a legal exemption with the school. Even during this time of COVID-19, clinics are still recommending keeping on schedule with the regular childhood immunizations. If you have questions, need assistance with resources or need information about obtaining a legal exemption, you can contact the health office at 651-888-7623.

Family and Community Connections

Comcast Internet Essentials

Comcast has a program called Internet Essentials that provides affordable internet and laptop computers for eligible families.

  • High Speed Internet for just $9.95/month.
  • Laptops for $149.00 - which includes Microsoft Office, Norton Security Suite and a 90 day warranty.

Not sure if you qualify or are ready to apply? Start your application and they'll let you know, just click here and start!

About Us

Jennifer Mickelson, Principal

Sophie Ly, Learning Lead

Annette Nelson, School Counselor

Ann Elenbaas, School Social Worker

Kimberly Menne, Nurse

Yusef Davis, Cultural Specialist

Natalie Kemp, Intervention Specialist