the oceans in the story

The birth of oceans in the world

The heart was born without water. There are two different opinions about this topic:

-the first explane the wather on the heart with a chimmical fusion a few time later the birth of the planet, the evaporation of the water of the atmospheare created clouds that rained for a long time;

-the second opinion think that a rain of asteroids full of water fell on fhe heart about 4 mld years ago. They fell for centuaries and a sience research expalne that 28.000 asteroids might contain the exactly quantity of water to create oceans in our world.

The life

Oceans were the first place were there was LIFE!!!!! A few time later the arrive of the water in oceans, that protect from uv rays, some unicellular organisms, formed by only one cell, appeared in the seas. that was the start of the life in the world. Later this organisms will join them selves to create pluricelular life, plants,animals and humans.


the oceans in the world are 3: the Pacific, the Athlantic, the Indian. the first is the biggest. In oceans live many kind of animals that are different in large, colours, habitats, and many ather things. the most famous are sharks, whales, dolphines,... there are other that are less famous but also important for the cycle of the life like all the ahters fishes cetaceans.