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Marion Jones was the first women to get five track and field medals in one single Olympics and 3 of her medals were gold. Jones was in the summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia.Shortly after the Olympics rumors started to spread about her using injecting steroids. This started because two athletes she had been married to in the past had tested positive for performance enhancing drugs. She then was asked by a jury whether she had used performance enhancing drugs and she said she hadn’t.In 2007 Marion admits that she had used steroids and that she had lied to a jury even though she had yet to test positive. Although she claims she didn’t know she had been doping and that her couch had given her the drugs.Marion Jones had to return all her medals and also her $700,000 reward money. She was also suspended from all competitions until October 7th 2009. Lastly she was given a six month prison sentence for perjury which is lying to a jury.

Prefomance Enhancing Drugs Awesome Info

Some types of performance enhancing drugs are supplements, stimulants, anabolic steroids, human growth hormone, diuretics, erythropoietin, and creatine. Some P.E.D’s are banned only during competitions and others are banned all the time. Some street names for steroids are: Arnolds, Roids, Gear, Stackers, Gym Candy, Juice, and pumpers.

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This graph shows the difference in percentage for doping in the Olympics for each year. It also shows the difference in between the summer Olympics and the Winter Olympics. The Graph shows that the most doping incidents happened in the summer Olympics of 2004.

The History Of P.E.Ds

Doping first started in America in the 1900’s and was at first mainly used for racehorses. An international organization was soon started called the “World Anti-Doping Agency (Also known as WADA.). They control Performance Enhancing Drugs on a global scale. PED testing is done using urine samples and testing is both annually and announced for sports.

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Marion Jones vs Melinda Gainsford - Final, 200m, Sydney 2000