Edgar Allan Poe

Jaeger Dreher

His name alone, Edgar Allan Poe, brings images of murders, and mad men. His work has been published since 1827. A lot of his stories themes were from imaginations of personal experiences. Poe was a great writer of the 1800's. Most of his family he ever came in contact with died in his younger ages.

His reputation sorely rests on his tales of horror as well as his lyric poetry. His father left his family when he was young then his mother got sick and died while still young. Nearly half of his life was full of sickness and death because of unknown reasons but suggestions go towards tuberculosis. This same thing later happened ti his 13 year old cousin that he became in love with and married.

In the year 1845, in the month of January Poe published his first poem "The Raven." "The Raven" is known as one of his most popular and known poems of his time. One of his many themes are Mysterious, and that is because of the unknown events that happened in his life and his poems like how his mother died, or why his father left his family. Another theme of death, and sorrow is because of the amount of people that he so dearly loved that had to die on him within his life time.

While Poe was still working on his poems it was found that Poe was in poor health and in a great depressive state. He was said to have been leaving Richmond on September 17, 1849 and was supposedly on his way to Philadelphia on October 3rd, Poe was found in Baltimore in great Distress. His last words were , "help my poor soul." To this day is it still uncertain why he went t or how he got to Baltimore.

Poe's influences were huge on the world. A man by the name of Charles Baudelaire got influenced to translate Poe's poems into English. His work also showed how easy it was for others to catch a disease back in his time. More or less Edgar Allan Poe's Genre falls into science fiction, or detective genre due to his mysteriousness in his poems