look me in the eye

my life with asperger's


John Elder Robinson has written an autobiography of his life living with Asperger's Autism. Born August 13, 1957 in Athens, Georgia. His father was a college professor and his mother was an artist and author. His childhood was mostly spent in Massachusetts where he was raised. Because of his autism spectrum disorder, his childhood was not very pleasant. His parents did not know how to relate to him and he could not get along with others. He knew he was different and finally left home before finishing high school. He had a fondness for music and electronics and used this skills to get into electrical engineering. This turned into a job designing sound systems for Pink Floyd and guitars for Kiss. He traveled on the road with Kiss for over a decade. Robison had always like foreign cars as well, and he would fix them to make extra money. He started a auto repair and sales shop that deals with high end European cars.

His life changed at 40, when a therapist friend gave him a book on Asperger's. He accepted it, and it explained his life to him. Now he knew why he had difficulty relating to other's, communicating in way that people thought was "normal".
Robison has used his memoir to bring Asperger's syndrome to the public light. He has spoken at schools and universities across the country. Reading this book can help people understand Asperger's Syndrome and how people with this Syndrome have problems dealing with people in everyday situations.

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Robison Biography

Born in 1957 in Athens, Georgia, he moved to Massachusetts where he spent his childhood. After a difficult time in school, and also being raised by parents that could not understand his differences, he left home. Robison used his knowledge of electronics and a bit of luck to get a job working for a band. He then became a guitar technician for KIss and toured with them for over a decade. He also worked for Milton Bradley designing some of the first electronic games. But, he never knew why he didn't fit in with his friends or coworkers until he was diagnosed with Asperger's Syndrome at the age of 40. He wrote his first book, Look Me in the Eye, describing his life and how he overcame obstacles to achieve success. He has written several books, lectures about Autism nationwide, and turned his passion for foreign cars into a successful dealership and repair service.


I have been dignosed with Asperger's. My condition is mild and most people don't even notice. Like Robison, I sometimes have difficulty communicating with other's. I don't always say the "right" things in conversation. I have learned to deal with it and play it off. I am quiet in class but once I get to know you I am just like anyone else. I enjoyed reading about his time with KIss, and added a video of the band in 1996 playing the guitar that he designed. He overcame his childhood problems and achieved success and acceptance. I plan to do the same thing.
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