vores of daster

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the metle grave

the titanic was a matel grave. 2/3 of the ship had died from draw, got stuck in the ships under decks and hyperthermia.

Christian's story

one of the characters in the story she had a husbanded and a duter the founded themselves in a foot of water in their cabin. she woke her husband and duter and got to the deck.
Titanic 100 - New CGI of How Titanic Sank

it was the bigies ship they had in 1912

the titanic was the bigies ship out of three. their was four ships butt the fourth one sank in half the time that the titanic.the frist ships name was olympic,gigantic and then titanic. the titanic was bilud just for luery and dliverys.

the capiton.

when the caption relised that he hit the ice brge a quather of the ship has sunk alreaty and the water was rushing in the boat. butt i just think only if the capiton relied the juilt then i think he could save more poeple befor the ship sunk. but he did not worin people that they cashd maybe becuas he did not wont to coues a panic.