Android Apps For Student Learning

Modern Education

Algebra Tutor

This is a great app for getting multiple explanations in solving certain fundamental algebraic equations ( linear, quadratic, etc..). It provides nearly unlimited problem solving oppurtunitites, with well thought out multiple choice answers that are designed to catch the most common student mistakes. It provides explanations to the students as to what they likely did wrong in their calculation, which is great feedback for learning from your mistakes.

Falling Math

This is a great app for student engagement as it taps into the reward system of the brain, by asking the user to solve the expression before it hits the ground. You can check your score against other players, and start competitions. It is most likely more suitable for elementary school however, as the game is based off of base mathematical operations (add, subtract, multiply, and divide).
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Learn Physics

Learn Physics is an app that helps in students' understanding of basic physical concepts. It includes core concept tutorials, formulas, and quizzes. The app focuses mainly on classical mechanics and basic kinematics and dynamics of motion.
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Mobile Observatory - Astronomy

Is a really cool app for anyone interested in the cosmos. With this app you can zoom on a huge variety of things from planets, to stars, to nebulae. It features a rotatable sphere that let's you get completely acquainted with the night sky.
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