Child Psychologist

Jessica Kerrigan

Description of this job!

A child psychologist is a type of psychologist who studies the mental, social and emotional development of children. Child psychologists may work with a range of clients including infants, toddlers, children and teens, or they may specialize in working with a particular age group. Your focus will be on helping understand, prevent, diagnose and treat all problems. Child psychologist work in a variety of spaces like offices, schools, hospitals and courts. Most of their work will be taken place at their office, but sometimes they do travel to the child's home or school.

What education/training you will need to get!

While there are some opportunities in the field of child psychology with a masters degree, but there are more job options with a doctor level degree. There are colleges that offer a child psychology degree, but most choose to earn a Ph.D. or Psy.D. degree in either clinical or counseling psychology. After earning a degree, child psychologists must complete a supervised clinical internship that takes about two years and then pass state and national tests in order to become licensed in the state they wish to work. You would get the education/ training in college and a clinic. Depending on what you choose to earn for a child psychologist, it can take up to 10 years to become a child psychologist.

Opportunities for advancement!

Experienced child psychologists may be promoted to supervise the work of junior staff at treatment centers and mental health facilities. Some psychologists also leave the clinical setting to become consultants, teach or conduct research. Setting up a private practice allows these professionals a more flexible schedule and the freedom to focus on a clinical area of interest.

What your salary would be & what benefits you will get!

The average salary for child psychologists is just over $64,000 a year, with salaries ranging from a low of $37,900 to a high of almost $150,000. Some benefits of being a child psychologist are above average pay, comfortable working conditions, flexible hours, and emotional satisfaction.

What aptitudes and values are required!


-Emotionally stable

-Skill to talk to children

-Be prepared for anything!