Franke Updates

Mrs. Franke's 5th Grade Class - Room 17


Hello! I will be communicating with you monthly about the important events and activities your child will be participating in through these updates. We have had a fantastic start to the school year!!! We are now starting to get into "the full swing" of our routines and all of the students have been adjusting to 5th grade wonderfully.


Reader's Workshop

We are getting into the routine of our workshop - having interactive read alouds, mini-lessons, and independent reading time. Every student needs to have a "just right book" with them in class every day. The students have chosen their first book, ask your child what their September "just right book" is! Please make sure your student is reading at home every night. In 5th grade, we would like them to be reading 30 minutes every night. While reading, they are showing their thinking by writing on sticky notes, which we refer to as "think marks".

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Writer's Workshop

The students are "planting seeds" for their writing by gathering ideas: making lists, webs, drawing, collecting artifacts, etc. We will begin to work on personal narratives and memoirs soon. We are also reading and collecting poems in our poetry binders that we can connect to - self-portrait poems.


Students took a pre-test and set goals for this first math unit. Ask them to show you their goal setting sheet on their Chromebook! The students are beginning to work with multiples, factors, primes, composites, and squares. They are solving number puzzles using these concepts. On Tuesday students will be assessed on number puzzles. Knowing factors and multiples will be helpful for this assessment. Please continue to remind your child to practice their math facts! Moby Max (an online program) is a great tool to use to practice their fact fluency! Soon we will begin working on prime factorization and 2 by 2 multiplication and division.


The students have been learning about the scientific method. We will have a quiz on Friday. There is an online text available if students prefer to be read to or forget their book at school. We will then use what we know about the scientific method to solve a mystery of a pond that seems a bit peculiar.


MAPS Testing

We will be taking our Reading MAPS test on Wednesday (9/21) at 10:00.


All students are expected to come to school with their chromebook FULLY charged. Please make sure your child has found a "safe spot" to charge their chromebook and that they are transporting their chromebook safely.


Our classroom has a website! Mrs. Franke's Class Use the website for updates, homework, a calendar of events, and more!