Literature Circles:

There is NO ONE Way to do it right!

How does this look in the classroom?

In literature circles, small groups of students gather together to discuss a piece of literature in depth. The discussion is guided by students' responses to what they have read. Students reshape and add onto their understanding as they construct meaning with other readers. Finally, literature circles guide students to deeper understanding of what they read through structured discussion and extended written and artistic response.

Opponents say, "Managing Several Books is Too Hard!"

Implementing Literature Circles in the classroom is not only fun for students, but is also good instructional practice. Teachers aren't obligated to read each text that students read, but they are expected to confer with students about what they are reading.

Book Talks: Hook Potential Readers!

Teachers can preview books with students once a week or twice a month to get readers excited about future readings. Students can record the names of novels they'd like to read and create an "ideal bookshelf".

What Does Literature Circles Look Like in Fulton County Schools?

Middle Grades

All students not enrolled in a foreign language class at the middle school level are placed in Reading. There is a misconception that teachers cannot appropriately facilitate whole group discussions when students are reading a variety of texts.

Elementary Schools

Balanced Literacy is the focus in the ELA classroom.

Results from an Elementary School's Literature Circle

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