Pleasant View Elementary Newsletter

Week of August 16, 2021

Principal Note

Wow, it's been a full week. Kindergarten parents will join the car rider drop-off line on Friday. Kindergarten will use the side entrance to drop off until Thursday. I will be near the Kindergarten entrance to help guide students to the door. If you wish to walk them to the side entrance ensure you pull all the way forward and park on the left, leaving room for cars to pass.

Just a reminder, the Kindergarten doors will open at 7:15 am.

Kindergarten Boo Hoo Doughnuts and Coffee

On Thursday, after the last kindergarten special drop-off, we will have coffee and doughnuts in the cafeteria. Kindergarten Parents are welcome to join us in the cafeteria after drop-off. There will be a section just for parents to join Mr. P.

Picture Day

We have picture day on August 20th.

You will pay later when you receive proofs. Meri Cripps will setup a link where you can purchase online as well.

Beat the Heat

When the heat index is 100 or over students will not go outside for recess. They will have a modified recess in their classroom. Your child may bring a water bottle to fill up and use in the class.

Field Trips

We are approved to take field trips only during the day. We will consider overnight field trips when we get closer to the spring. Volunteer paperwork is currently unavailable. We will send out a notice when it comes available. You are not required to have volunteer paperwork with a background check to go on a field trip unless you will be asked to maintain other students. You are welcome to attend with your child.

Car Rider Number

You must have a car rider number to pick-up your child in the car rider line. Please stop in the front office in the morning to pick one up before entering the car rider line.

Bus cards

We handed out bus cards Friday. Make sure they wear their cards back to school Monday to ride the bus. It is acceptable to wrap the cord onto the backpack they wear to school each day. We will continue to hand out cards Monday to those who did not get one Friday.

Guidance Counselor

- Lydia Postlewait

PVES School Counselor


Morning Drop off Line

Drop off time in the morning is from 7:00-7:45. We will close the doors in the morning at 7:45. You will need to bring your child up to the front entrance to get in the building after 7:45.

Students not in class by 7:45 will be marked tardy.

I strongly suggest getting your child to school between 7:00 - 7:25. They will not be rushed and will have time to enjoy their breakfast.


Students will be released at 2:45 on a normal school day. Parents that have a blue car rider pass will line up in the front of the building by the gym, note the arrows on the map. Parents with a yellow car rider pass will line up in the back of the building, note the arrows for which side to enter. We ask that every child be picked up by 3:00 pm.

How Do I Get A Car Rider Pass

We will setup a station at our open house if you do not have or lost your car rider pass. You may come by the building during normal work hours before 2 pm to request one. You will not be able to pick-up your child in the car rider line without one.

Return Car Rider Passes

If you are returning to us, you may continue to use the card you have.


Here is a link to help you on making online payments to your child's lunch account. If having trouble connecting to Skyward contact the front office during school business hours 9-3


Setting A La Carte/Snack Purchase Limits

If you do not want your student using funds in his/her meal account to charge snacks, or if you want to put a daily limit on the amount of money that can be spent on snack/a la carte purchases, you can do so by clicking on the link on the right middle side of the screen that reads Set Ala Carte Limit. The Daily Ala Carte Limit window will open, and you can choose between a dollar amount limit per day, or choose Do Not Allow Purchase. Then click Save.


For any health/illness/COVID related questions or information, please contact our school nurse, Brittany Smiley. Email- Clinic phone- 615-792-6885.

Important Dates

Sep 6 Labor day (no school)

Sep 10 Progress Reports

Sep 24 Early Dismissal 11:45

Oct 6 Walk to School Day

Oct 11 Columbus Day (no school)

Oct 12-15 Fall Break

Oct 22 Report Cards

Nov 1 Parent Teacher Conference Day (No Students)

Nov 11 Veterans Day (no school)

Nov 19 Progress Reports

Nov 24-26 Thanksgiving Break (no school)

Dec 3 Early Dismissal 11:45

Dec 17 Half Day dismissal 10:45

Dec 18-Jan 3 Winter Break (no school)

Jan 4 Students return

Jan 7 Report Cards

Jan 17 MLK day (no school)

Feb 11 Progress Reports

Feb 18 Early Dismissal 11:45

Feb 21 President's day (no school)

March 18 Report Cards

March 28-April 1 Spring Break

Apr 14 Early Dismissal 11:45

Apr 15 Good Friday (no school)

Apr 22 Progress Reports

May 25 Last Day of School

About us

Mission Statement

The mission of Pleasant View Elementary School is to educate and empower our students to reach their potential as productive citizens through a unified commitment to excellence.


Pleasant View Elementary School provides a safe, caring, respectful, engaged learning environment for our students. Using collaboration, assessment data, and strong instructional practices students will develop, grow, and own their learning. Students will expand their character and leadership in order to be successful moving forward.

Doors will open for drop off at 7:00 am

Breakfast is open at 7:00 am

School Starts at 7:45 am

School releases at 2:45 pm

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