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Thursday, November 19th 2015

5th Grade News for the Parents by the Students!

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By: Nida, Eliana

Important Dates

19.11.15 World Toilet Day

20.11.15 German Read Aloud Day

24.11.15 Science Cafe

26.11.15 Benefit concert & Thanksgiving

29.11.15 1st Advent

04.12.15 Art Show

Who We Are

During the last week we were learning about the human reproductive systems and organs and how they work. We studied professional vocabulary for the anatomy. The classes are showing great maturity and are acting after our unit attitudes: respect, tolerance and empathy. Now we will focus more on deeper understanding of life stages and being different, or sense of self. We are still looking back on the "Inside Out" movie as an example for the coming changes during puberty. At the moment we are reading the novel Wonder from R.J Palacio which has lots of connections to our unit.

We had a conversation about stereotypes and how it becomes prejudice which often becomes discrimination. We talked about respect and how important it is to hold a society.

Figurative language

We talked about figurative language and made posters about: euphemism, idioms, metaphor, hyperbole, personification and similie. We used them in context with our current unit.

By Mira, Nils, Anna

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In math, we talked about how you get the average of a piece of data and we learned the different ways of average which are Mean, Median, Mode and Range. We learned how we collect data and find the average by doing an experiment:

A average 10 year old can do 30 push ups per minute.

We partnered up and did as many push-ups as we could in a minute. The whole 5th grade did the experiment and class 5a came up with the result of 28.5 for the class.

What we will do soon:

In the next weeks we will concentrate on two digit by two digit multiplication and division. While we have this unit we will also be multiplying decimals.

By Marie

Guided Reading

What is a guided reading group?

Guided reading groups are groups that read books together.They also do reading activities together.

What books are we reading?

  • we are reading the book "Wonder" which explains why you shouldn't make stereotypes.
  • we are also reading "Macbeth" from Shakespeare
  • the tale of Desperaux
  • the bridge of Terabithia
  • the miraculous journey of Edward to lane
How do the kids get into their groups?

They get organised into reading levels after they did a reading test. So the teachers can find out in which reading group they should be.

By David & Yana


In 5th Grade, we are all reading a book called Wonder written by R.J. Palacio. In the book there is a boy who had lots of surgeries because of how he looks. For the first time, he is going to school (5th Grade). The boy's name is August, and he is 10 years old. The book has a lot to do with our unit.

By Ole and Milo

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Spelling Routine

We have Spelling Routine. It's basically an activity that we do on Mondays and it works like this: We have our spelling words on a A4 paper then you cut it in half and choose a partner. Then you take a quiz where you say a word and your partner has to try to spell the word correctly, then you cut the words out and sort them by their rule or pattern. Then you have a spelling journal and then you record your spelling words in your journal. Then you make your spelling rule for your spelling words. This is the spelling routine for your spelling words.

By Long

Writing to Entertain

For our unit we have gotten journals in which we do journal writing. Our journals will be used to give advice to others. We practice journal writing in these books. Each class has journals. We are also focusing on writing traits.

By Charlotte

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Dear parents,

On November 20th we will have our German read aloud day (Bundesweiter Vorlesetag). We kindly ask you to sign up for a 15 minutes read aloud.

In German we are looking at the human body reproductive organs for both genders (male and female) We are Also learning about how the body changes during puberty and how feelings change and learning how to be mature.

By Ole Maria Milo

Classroom Unit Library

The books are about the human body. The books relate to our unit so we can learn out of the books. The books show body parts that are labeled so we can know how the body parts are called. The books are mostly about the human body, growing up, puberty and how to keep ourselves clean.

Nils T


Year 5 are doing a musical at the end of the year called Shakespeare Rocks. It's about the life of William Shakespeare but in a modern way with singing and dancing. There are funny, weird, and serious characters and 7 songs. We have recently found our parts as well. We cannot wait to learn more in our musical. We will also be performing 3 songs from the musical at the art show to give you a taste of our musical.

By Alexandra

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in Sport we are focusing on invasion games (basketball) on Monday we're starting the gymnastic unit which I hope everybody will be excited about. Right now we are still doing basketball and our sports teacher Ms. G is assessing us in basketball.

By Nils G., Oscar


In Art we designed some of our main feelings in our sketchbooks. Everybody had interesting feelings and designs .First we wrote down our feelings, then we colored our feelings with markers colored pencils, crayons and watercolors. After that, we watched a video about sound poems. Then we started our own sound poems. This is how we started: we cut out letters of the magazines. After that, we made up our own words. We sticked and recorded our sound poems for the art show.

By Nida and Eliana

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BMS Home Language Program

"We have begun a Home Language program at BMS that takes place every second Tuesday. A flyer is attached with more information about the purpose of the program and how you can help.

CCEP Information

A successful day for our BMS Alba Primary Team in first round of the "Alba Grundschulliga"!

The outstanding performance of the team was rewarded with the qualification for the final round - Keep it up!

Ein erfolgreicher Tag für unser BMS Alba Primary Team in der ersten Runde der " Alba

Grundschulliga"! Die tolle sportliche und manschaftliche Leistung wurde mit der Qualifikation für die Finalrunde belohnt - Weiter so!

How to help at home

In addition to Mathletics and Raz-Kids, we are now exploring Khan Academy.

The websites are:

By 5d