Renewable v.s nonrewnowable

By:❄️Claire Allen❄️ and 🌺Brittney Tienda🌺

What are renewable resources

Renewable resources are things you can use over and over again.


Solar: energy:energy from the sun,used to create energy.

Sugar: cane:used in the production of Ethanol as fuel for heating or automobiles.

Corn: used to make ethanol to power cars and heat homes.

What are of non-renewable resources

Oil,coal,fossils fuels is a non-renewable resources because there are a certen amount left on the whole earth

This is a Video that shows what is non renewable and renewable energy

What is rewnewable energy

Reassures that can be used more than once

What is non rewnawable energy

Non-renewable energy is energy that can not be used again won'ts you use it

Examples of renewable

Hydropower is water that is renewable

Solar energy because the sun is always there so you will have solar energy

Geothermal is heat from the eart and somewhere on earth there will be heat

Wind is renewable because there is wind everywhere

Biomass is natural organisms on earth.

Non renewable

Fossil fuels and nuclear energy there are a certain amount in the earth and takes a long time to make
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