The Greek Times

Gigi Jervis- Printed in 490 B.C.

Battle of Marathon

We beat the Persians when we were greatly outnumbered! During the battle of Marathon, the Persians did not forgive the people of Athens and Eretria for helping the people of Ionia. The city-state Eretria was badly beat by King Darius. Athens and their allies made a troop of 10,000 soldiers lead by General Miltiades. Miltiades's troops were outnumbered 2:1, but Miltiades's won because his great battle tactics. About 6,400 Persians died, and only about 192 Athenian men died. This all happened in 499 B.C. "Sorry, we are having a religious festival." As the Spartan general said. They were training their whole life for a war, but they said no to a festival. We won, now we shall celebrate.

Phidepides's Tragic Death

Phidepides was a pro runner who died while he was running to Sparta from Athens. He ran 27 miles 3 times. He was running to Sparta to ask for help from them. But they said no. He ran back to Athens, and then back to Sparta when Athens beat the Persians he ran to Sparta and said "Rejoice, we won!" then fell to the ground and died from exhaustion.

Inside this Issue

Women in Athens _______5

Babys up for adoption____2

Destruction in Athens____3

Sparta says NO!________7


My Points of View

I am a Greek news paper writer.

I was born 20 years before this war happened.

My parents are still alive.