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Texas Company, Sedona Oil and Gas, Devoted to Safety

Sedona Oil and Gas

In the process of extracting resources from the earth’s surface, workers face many life-threatening hazards. From start to finish, this physically demanding job requires attention to detail, broad knowledge of tools and equipment, and a dedication to ensuring the safety of every employee. As a company, Sedona Oil and Gas is committed to placing the health and safety of their workers above all else. Therefore, Sedona Oil and Gas places considerable emphasis on safety training and procedures and requires all workers to wear protective gear.

3 Ancient Uses for Oil by Sedona Oil and Gas

Although we think of oil as fuel for cars and cooking, the history of oil dates back over 5,000 years. With industrialization, the use of oil has become more varied and widespread. In fact, oil is used so much in the everyday operation of the industrialized world that we would no longer be able to survive without it. However, many of our clever ancestors were also privy to the many uses of this bubbling crude. In celebration of the 5,000 years since the discovery of oil, Sedona Oil and Gas is taking a look back at the history of oil and ancient ways in which it was used.

The Fountains of Pitch, near what is now Iraq, was the first known location of an oil reservoir. Back then, oil was used as a paste, such as asphalt, primarily to waterproof various items. A practice also conducted by Native Americans, oil was often placed on boats and ceramics to prevent leakage and reinforce stability. Over 4,000 years ago in Mesopotamia, oil was also used to create jewelry settings, artwork, and to secure weapons. Although the uses of oil were more simplistic thousands of years ago, the benefits experienced by the residents of that time period are no less significant.

Sedona Oil and Gas advocates for the responsible acquisition and use of America’s natural resources. Sedona Oil and Gas reminds readers that, throughout history, oil has been used by ancient peoples primarily to waterproof items, make adornments and art, and produce and secure weapons. In modern society, oil is used in the production of thousands of items, from plastic and lipstick, to pillows and basketballs. As an established modern authority in the oil and gas exploration industry, Sedona Oil and Gas looks back on the history of oil production and is appreciative of the substance’s contribution to the progression of humanity.

Benefits of Hydraulic Fracturing with Sedona Oil and Gas

Hydraulic fracturing, discovered over 60 years ago, is a relatively new technique that is used to extract natural gas and petroleum from the earth’s crust. In this method, a solution of sand, water, and chemicals is released into a well at high pressure. The force with which it is injected creates small fractures, which allows the swift passage of natural gases and oil through the well. Sedona Oil and Gas recognizes that advances in technology and science have changed the way we use our resources forever. Particularly useful in ensuring the healthy production of gas wells, hydraulic fracturing has numerous benefits such as: enhancing the performance of gas wells, effective collection of natural resources that were otherwise unreachable, and the potential to boost the economy.

For Sedona Oil and Gas Corporation, leaders in the exploration industry, hydraulic fracturing has multiple benefits. Perhaps the largest benefit of using this method is the ability to tap into resources that were previously out of reach. With the use of science and technology, modern man has much more opportunity to extract these valuable resources that now fuel society. In addition, once hydraulic fracturing taps into that resource, it generally continues to produce an abundance of natural gas for decades to come. With great potential to help boost the production of goods as well as the economy, hydraulic fracturing is emerging as the future’s top choice for tapping into natural resources.

By taking advantage of hydraulic fracturing to access America’s natural resources, the economy has the potential to be positively impacted. Increased access to affordable fuel will help lower prices and also create jobs throughout the country. Hydraulic fracturing, if widely employed, may provide America an opportunity to increase jobs and decrease prices through direct and indirect economic effects. The staff at Sedona Oil and Gas believes that the use of hydraulic fracturing to access natural resources is highly valuable and hopes to increase consumer knowledge about this process.

Committed to America’s Prosperity: Sedona Oil and Gas Corporation

Texas-based company Sedona Oil and Gas is respected in the oil industry as a top notch exploration service. Founder Ken Crumbley Jr., a seasoned professional with over 25 years of experience, is enjoying the realization of his entrepreneurial dream. Nearly 30 years ago, Ken Crumbley Jr. made the decision to venture into the oil industry. Receiving his start in Dallas, Sedona Oil and Gas’ founder gained hands-on experience in the industry and increased his knowledge about syndications, limited partnerships, and brokerage. As a man of integrity with solid leadership and business skills, Ken Crumbley Jr. began to plan what would become Sedona Oil and Gas.

Since it opened over 20 years ago, Sedona Oil and Gas’ goal has not only been to become a leader in the exploration business, but to also ensure the prosperity of its workers and the community. As a top employer in Texas, the Sedona Oil and Gas Corporation provides the community with stable employment at competitive wages. In addition, the company takes great care in offering its employees extensive training and professional development opportunities. The remarkable employment opportunities Sedona Oil and Gas offers community members helps to bolster the prosperity of the economy.

The men and women employed by Sedona Oil and Gas Corporation share in the company’s mission of helping their community, and the country, prosper. Working as a team, the employees of Sedona Oil and Gas are committed to safety, respect, and excellence in their work. Due to the continued growth of Sedona Oil and Gas and the need for onshore exploration services, an expansion into Tennessee and Kentucky is being planned. With a dedication to providing America with access to its natural resources, Sedona Oil and Gas’ goal is to keep their business firmly planted in the United States. With hard work and a great team, Sedona Oil and Gas hopes to contribute further to the prosperity of the community.

Sedona Oil and Gas Team: Dedicated to Excellence

A company with 20 years of exploration expertise, Sedona Oil and Gas is a leader in the oil industry for providing top notch onshore exploration services. The company’s founder, Ken Crumbley Jr., is respected for his integrity, faith, and strong leadership. As the head of Sedona Oil and Gas, Ken Crumbley Jr. devotes his 25 years of experience to keeping the company at the top of industry charts. The team at Sedona Oil and Gas are comprised of hand-picked individuals that demonstrate good judgment and ability to work with others. Over the years, the team at Sedona Oil and Gas has become a family dedicated to excellence.

Qualities that employees of Sedona Oil and Gas Corporation share include: accountability, attention to detail, good problem solving skills, and genuine respect for others. In order to build a team that works well together, these qualities, or the ability to attain them, is vital to the overall success of the team. In Sedona Oil and Gas’ business of exploration, your ability to work with others and communicate may save your life or the life of someone else. For this very important reason, the professional culture at Sedona Oil and Gas is one of respect and genuine helpfulness.

Equipped with a solid team, Sedona Oil and Gas has enjoyed mounting success over the past 20 years. As a company, Sedona Oil and Gas provides its employees extensive training and opportunities to learn various aspects of the industry. In addition, the executive staff of the company is committed to ensuring their skilled workers have consistent hours and good pay.

A positive working environment combined with a strong team has resulted in a dedication to excellence that is rarely seen in the oil industry. As a result of fantastic leadership and dedicated employees, Sedona Oil and Gas continues to grow annually and is planning to expand to nearby states.

Sedona Oil and Gas on Benefits of Onshore Exploration

The acquisition of domestic oil and gas resources has the potential to breathe fresh air into America’s economy. In addition to adding jobs, the development of onshore exploration projects is cost effective, safer, and results in speedy receipt of much needed resources. Sedona Oil and Gas, a leader in the exploration industry, has over 20 years of providing quality exploration services in multiple U.S. states and wants to inform consumers of the many benefits of onshore oil exploration.

One benefit of onshore exploration is that is it more cost effective than offshore exploration. Because onshore exploration occurs, well, on the shore, the exploration done is directly into land. In comparison, offshore exploration requires workers with expertise in exploration into land, but with potentially deep water acting as the middleman in the process. Because the desired drilling spot is emerged in the ocean, offshore exploration requires specialized equipment and much more time to retrieve natural resources, which equates to a higher cost of operation.

Because onshore exploration is on land, there are no special rigs or additional equipment required to provide stability for workers. In offshore exploration, since it is often done in deep waters, special equipment is required so that workers can carry out tasks. This special equipment, in addition to the isolated location of some drilling operations, adds increased safety concerns. If something goes wrong on an offshore rig, medical resources are limited. Add failing equipment or mechanical problems and an offshore exploration operation can soon become a life-threatening environment.

Onshore exploration is also quicker than offshore exploration. While an offshore exploration project can take years, onshore oil exploration companies, such as Sedona Oil and Gas, offer results in as little as a month. With minimal transportation costs due to minimal travel needed to get to an onshore site, Sedona Oil and Gas asserts that onshore exploration is not only quicker but also helps to preserve our existing oil and gas resources by reducing transportation costs.

Proud Texas Employer: Sedona Oil and Gas Corporation

Texas-based exploration company, Sedona Oil and Gas, is a respected employer in the Dallas area. Since its inception in 1992, Sedona Oil and Gas has become a leader in the onshore oil and gas exploration industry. With a dedication to providing stable employment opportunities to highly skilled Texans, Sedona Oil and Gas Corporation has gained respect in the community for significantly contributing to the local economy. Sedona Oil and Gas is viewed as a leading employer for three main reasons: dedication to employee satisfaction, its consistent supply of work, and commitment to safety.

Sedona Oil and Gas knows that it is not able to operate without the hard work of its skilled employees. For this reason, the executive management of the company takes great care in ensuring their employees are satisfied in their position, have the knowledge necessary to move up in the company, and receive competitive pay for their superior service. Offering many benefits and opportunities, Sedona Oil and Gas is dedicated to the personal and professional enrichment of their employees.

In addition to fostering a great working environment, Sedona Oil and Gas’ management is diligent in finding new prospective drill sites throughout the country. Earlier in its history, Sedona Oil and Gas started small with only a few operations in Texas counties and one in Louisiana. After experiencing much growth over the past two decades, Sedona Oil and Gas now has operations state-wide in Texas and multiple operations in other states. This steady supply of work for its employees is refreshing, as similar companies in the industry battle over contracts.

Of note is Sedona Oil and Gas’ dedication to maintaining high safety standards. Through extensive employee training on effective safety communication, the regular maintenance and inspection of machinery, and the requirement of personal protection equipment, Sedona Oil and Gas established its reputation for successful business practice in the industry.