Gregor Mendel

Founder of Physics


Mendel studied physics also he took coursework in botany, zoology, and anthropology, and he finished his first degree 1853. He had his work published as Experiment on Plant Hybrids in the Natural Science Society’s journal.

Early Years

Mendel was born in 1822, in Czech Republic. When he was little he was recognized as a gifted child and was then sent to boarding school. Mendel was accepted to the University of Olomouc. Mendel failed many times on his teaching test that he had to take and when he was little he spoke a different language at home than at school.

Experimental Design

Mendel tested pea plants and investigated different generations.

Scientists in Mendel's time didn't understand his discovery.


Gregor’s research provided a foundation for genetics when it was rediscovered later on. Scientists now say Mendel’s discovery fathered genetics. All the research scientist have done recently was built off of Mendel’s genetics



  • The green pea is more dominant(428) than the yellow(152)
  • The round peas are more dominant(5,474) than the angular(1,850)
  • The long stem is more dominant(787) than the short stem(277)

Different traits are more dominant than other traits.


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