John and Lugenia Hope

By Carter and Rameil

Early Life/ Education/Motivation

Lugenia Hope

  • Born February 19, 1871 in St. Louis, Missouri
  • moved to Chicago after death of her father
  • worked in the community, teaching crafts, and physical education
John Hope

  • Born June 2, 1868
  • He developed Graduate programs
  • His father died when he was 8, after he had neither money or social acceptance

Famous Speeches/ Books/ Publications/ Job titles

Lugenia Hope
  • She was a special War Work Secretary for the YWCA's war work council during world war I (1917-1918)
John Hope
  • The John Hope College Preparatory High School was named for him
  • He taught in Roger Williams University
  • He join faculty of Atlanta Baptist College
  • Schools first black president

Major Contribution to Georgia and the USA while he/she was alive

Lugenia Hope

  • She became the first Vice President of the National Association for the Advancement for colored people
  • created the Neighborhood Union in 19088 carried out health education programs
John Hope

  • In 1936, he was awarded a medal from the NAACP

Lasting Impact on GA and the USA

Lugenia Hope

  • She was inducted into GA women of achievement in 1996
  • involvement in a number of organization
John Hope

  • He help African Americans have higher education before he died of pneumonia

Dates of Life

Lugenia Hope

  • 1871- 1947
John Hope

  • 1868- 1936