Cordelia Hills Staff Update


Principal's Message

Happy Monday!

Glows: Thank you to those that shared some of the special things they are doing to make distance learning exciting. Mrs. O took her kids on a virtual field trip to Philadelphia for Constitution Day, Mrs Gill took the kids on a virtual field trip to the Seattle Aquarium, and Mrs. Chun-Remick hosted two digital breakout sessions (they broke out). A special shout out to those teachers who have really made "clear communication" a priority. As one example, Dino gives a "Week in Review, Week at a Glance, Final Thought" to his parents/students. I believe it gives a great recap. Thanks!

Grows: Many of us have had conversations about the difficultly of the synchronous instruction, especially when we need parent support but also are navigating some very critical parent voices when we are working really hard. Thank you for taking the time to help parents negotiate this all and for be flexible and reflective with your practices.

Progress Reports

Please have progress reports completed by 3:00 on Wednesday, September 30th. I will start reviewing them at that time. If you finish a day or 2 earlier, please let me know. If you need more time, please email me. Please do not complete the reports too early-so you can have as much information/data as possible to fill them out- we lost instructional time with the fires and MAP testing. Please remember to include at least 1 positive comment in the comment section. Also please copy and paste this comment into every report card.

"During this reporting period students engaged in distance learning with instruction being delivered 100% online."

*** parents must go in through illuminate to access the progress reports. Sandi is sending letters home with the codes needed to register for our new students and any families who have not registered as of yet.***

Lastly, PRs are available to parents on October 5th.


In addition to running blocks of intervention for your students during the work day, we have set aside funding that is aimed at strategic intervention after school. If you are interested, please reach out to me so we can discuss your plans. There are some rules tied to the use of the money but I am flexible and open to working with you.

Please email me soon as any funds not used by our teachers will be moved to contracts with outside tutoring companies. I would prefer to see our staff working with our students, when possible.


Subs are available during distance learning. How it works:

1. Put your absence in absence management. Notify me and the main office that you are going to be absent.

2. Make sure you have your daily schedule updated, including in the sub notes, and emailed to us when you are out.

3. You should push out the asynchronous work out. The sub is responsible for synchronous time including taking attendance, checking in with students, providing support, and hosting lessons (when/where appropriate).

4. Please cancel office hours for the day.


We know EMERGENCIES can/will happen and you may not have time to do all the prep work needed to prepare for a sub during an emergency.

Please start preparing an Emergency SLIDE DECK which includes your Synchronous Google Meet Codes and your schedule. The easiest way may be to create a slide for each 1/2 hour instructional block with the needed information. You could use this for a template for when you are preparing for a planned sub that is NOT an emergency too:)

When you have completed emergency Slide Deck - please share it with me

MAP Data is in, Now What?

Many of you are MAP Data Veterans. Here is a short presentation (authored by a peer) on MAP Data as you dig into the data. I do believe this data should be combined with other data points that you are using.

What Is Map?

**Competition Alert**

Congratulations to those teachers who participated in the competition this week! Prizes are on the way.

Hosting a Virtual Field Trip, Guest Speaker, Museum Tour, Trip to Space?!

Let me know and invite me to join!

1. Set up a special or unique Virtual Experience for your class.

2. Invite me to your Virtual Learning Experience

3. Win Prizes!

No pressure. I am just looking for unique or special ways to amp up the excitement of virtual learning and community building.

Chromebook Distribution/Chromebook Repairs/HOT SPOTS

Chromebook Distribution

CB distribution Is still underway to new families. Email or have families email her. She will arrange a time for pick-up. Some families are using their own and that is okay. Originally, we thought MAP would have to take place on a District device but we now know that isn't true. Chromebook or Laptop are preferred over an iPad.

Chromebook Repair/Replacement

We are experiencing a large number of Chromebook breaks with the ones newly delivered by TSS. Have families fill this form out: Maily will receive the form and will arrange a time for pick-up/repair.


If a family needs internet support, one option is a hotspot. If you have a family that needs a hotspot, please email me We are closing in on the end of current hotspot capacity but I will add names to the distribution I currently have requests from several of you but am waiting on the actual hotspots to be delivered so thank you for the patience!

Online Training

The following training's must be completed by every staff member:

There will be time on the first workday but I know some of you would rather just get them done now. You don't need to alert me to their completion as the system tracks that. I would keep a certificate or screenshot in case someone doesn't believe you finished them.

Site Safety Protocols

1. Please email/text anytime you expect to be on campus before your scheduled contract day.

2. Please complete the self-screener before coming in to campus. You don't need to submit the screener each time. Please notify me if you are ill.

3. All staff must wear a mask at all times while working at their work stations or in classrooms with others. A mask must be worn by classified staff even when they are socially distanced. Staff who is working alone in a room or building may take their mask off.

4. While staff are working and having conversations with one another, ensure they maintain at least 6 feet of social distancing and are wearing a mask.

5. Staff Lounge may be used to warm up food or to store food (currently). Please wear a mask and distance in the lounge.

6. Please contact the office before entering.

7. The staff workroom is accessible but please wear a mask and remember to distance.