Important information on Waves

What are Crests, Troughs and Wave length?

Crests are the peak of the wave and Troughs are the lowest part point on the wave. Wave length is determined by horizontal distance between two Crests or two Troughs. The vertical size of the wave is determined by the vertical distance between the two. Waves travel is groups called "wave trains."

What cause's waves?; What are huge waves caused by?

What causes waves is wind; waves can vary in size and strength based on wind speed and friction on the waters surface or outside facts such as boats; Undersea earthquakes or other sharp motions in the seafloor can sometimes generate enormous waves, called Tsunamis.

What are swells?

Regular patterns of smooth, rounded waves in the open ocean are called swells. Swells are defined as mature undulations of water in the open ocean after wave energy has left the wave generating region. Like other waves, swells can range in size from small ripples to large, flat-crested waves.