Cherish Good Friends

Zack Ellis 1st/2nd

"Analysis of the Development of Theme"

Without a conflict there would be no theme, if something didn't go wrong then there would not be a conflict. If freak wouldn't have died there would be no theme.If there were just happy endings at the end of every story then it wouldn't be as interesting.

"Reflection and Application of Theme"

I agree with the author because when freak died that made Max stronger. And it made the ending interesting, but also sad. The way the author developed the theme was really good,I thought the author did a good job.

The summary of the book.

The story of Freak the mighty is Max and Freak meet and become really good friends.

Then they find out how they are better when they work together. And they go on all these different adventures around the town. Max hasn't seen his dad since he was 3 or 4 years old. And Max's dad killed his mom.